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Deal management made simple with SPAs

As we close out our last build slot of the year, we’re excited about what we’ve just released. Continued improvements to Special Pricing, Executive Dashboard, and Partner Dashboard have led to even broader applications of our freshest features. These updates were rolled out to UAT channels on December 15th, and will go to Live channels on January 21st of the new year!

Special Pricing Agreements

Launching Special Pricing Agreements has been one of Enable’s biggest projects this year, and we’re continuing to add adjustments and augmentations to the platform! We’re covering everything, from imports to reports, to make sure users get the ideal special pricing experience.

Importing transactions is a key first step to understanding the value behind special pricing agreements, and this newest build slot has seen us make major changes to how transactions are imported into Enable for you and your partners. A guided, SPA-specific transaction import tool will ensure that data within the Enable platform maintains its integrity. This tool streamlines the import process for manufacturers with a large volume of transactions.

We also now provide users with the ability to access transaction logs, allowing them to see attempted transaction imports. These features have been built to continue to provide you with a single source of truth and an audit trail to preserve compliance.

SPA Transaction Import Review

After transactions are imported, our system runs a variety of rapid calculations to ensure we deliver accurate, up-to-date information that supports you throughout the entire process. To this end, we’ve set calculations to trigger when price lists are changed, and we’ve improved the efficiency of deduction calculations.

Calculations are one thing – results are another. Enable’s insights are best-found through reporting, and we’re incorporating improvements to Special Pricing’s reporting functions. These will make transactions and contracts more accessible for users, allowing them to quickly recognize discrepancies and speed up the SPA creation process.

Finally, we’ve made some big transformations to the SPA PDF generated by Enable. Enable users are now able to further customize these agreements with terms and conditions, as well as signatures, aligning the platform more closely with its users. This reduces the time needed to create contracts, facilitates trusted trading relationships, and ensures accountability for Special Pricing Contracts. These PDFs are now more tidily saved, allowing easy access to all your agreements.

SPA PDF agreement

As you can see, Special Pricing Agreements in Enable is already a tool that can provide you and your organization with an incredible amount of value and insights but that won’t stop us from continuing to build new features to make it even more powerful. Keep an eye out for future newsletters about the changes we’re making in this space and read on to learn about our changes to the Executive and Partner Dashboards!

Partner Dashboard

Partner Dashboard

In case you haven’t had a chance to learn about Partner Dashboard, it’s our tool to let you and your trading partners work in alignment by allowing you to share progress tracking with them. This could be suppliers, customers and even buying group members. With that in mind, we’ve polished our presentation of Partner Dashboards to your collaborators to give them a cleaner path to Enable’s insights. This includes modifications to the “Latest purchase/sale for channel” tile to display the number of days since the last purchase or sale in the channel, clarifying the purpose of the tile and giving it a more direct action. With this level of visibility, your customers can see how up-to-date this information is and this can help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Detailed view

Simplified view

In addition, we’ve also changed the “Rebate” column to now show the total forecast value instead of the 'Next band' rebate, and we’ve simplified the terminology used around Partner Dashboard. As part of cleaning up our Partner Dashboard processes, we’re also allowing users to toggle between detailed and simplified numbers. For example, you can now choose whether you see the figure as $12,534,687 in detailed vs $12.5 M in simplified.

Progress Tracker in the Partner Dashboard has changed as well, allowing for space to produce customized overviews of opportunities. This includes advanced sorting and filtering, allowing you to review opportunities across values, suppliers, and dimensions. These searches can be saved for easy access in the future.

We’ll be selectively deploying Partner Dashboard to members, suppliers, customers, and other trading partners. Speak with your implementation team to investigate how to set yourself up for success with Partner Dashboard.

Executive Dashboard

As we focus on sprucing up our Executive Dashboard, we’ve made some improvements that we know will make it even more useful. Users who have been pining for quick, effortless ways to view non-rebatable transactions can now do so across any dimension. No longer rooted solely in products, you can now review these transactions by branch, member, transaction type, or any other customizable field in your channel, allowing you to quickly spot which products or branches are not getting the rebate level you're expecting.

Executive Dashboard

With these improvements to the Executive Dashboard, it will be easier than ever to explore which agreements, products, branches, and trading partners are thriving under your canopy.

Technical and Functional Health

At Enable we never rest on our laurels, and we continue to reinforce our already strong platform by investing in projects to strengthen all aspects of the platform. In this build slot, we’ve invested in security, robustness, scalability, modernization, compliance and reducing technical debt.

We’re improving our scalability by increasing the number of calculation jobs we can process at once. We’ve also improved load times for reporting and are supporting these changes with further test coverage and reviews of our current processes. Those aren’t the only changes to our calculations – we’re also re-queuing transaction jobs that fail to queue and are making improvements to the messages you may receive concerning automated imports.

Enable is always keen to work with new tools, and we’re using new platforms for authentication, messaging, and hosting our various apps. We are ensuring that all these new tools are implemented smoothly, taking a careful approach to ensure any migrations are as trouble-free as possible.

What’s Coming Up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release product updates on a regular cadence, we have numerous other new features under development that will be ready for you to view in your UAT environment on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023. Deployment of this next set of features to your live environment will take place on Saturday, April 1st, 2023.

Included in the next update we are looking to:

  • Develop a solution where distributors can accurately recognize a rebate in stock in the P&L when purchased from suppliers rather than when sold to end customers. It can help simplify calculations, streamline audits and gain granular insights.
  • Improve support to mechanisms using separate target transactions and earnings transactions. This will allow you to surface better opportunities.
  • Create auto-renewing SPAs. Once they expire, a notification will be sent out to users letting them know which SPAs will be renewed.

Please do reach out if you’re interested in learning more about any of our new features. If you have any questions about current or future updates contact us at, or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions, you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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