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Upload data as is with Data Integration & Cleansing

In addition to using our advanced reporting feature to extract data however you want it, you can also now use the Data Integration & Cleansing tool to convert files to the necessary upload format. Trading Programs has been made more robust for target periods and additional conditions, and work on Progress Tracker is leading to Partner Dashboard for Members. We are excited to launch Special Pricing Agreements, Promotions, and Executive Dashboard, and the system now supports Spanish.

The most recent batch of updates is now available to test in your UAT channel, and deployment to your live channel will take place on Saturday, June 25th. Information about our product update process and a full calendar of deployment dates are available in our Help Center.  

Data Integration & Cleansing and advanced reporting

We can now offer you considerable freedom in how your data moves into and out of Enable. Our new Data Integration & Cleansing tool can transform data from most common formats to the format needed for upload to Enable. This will make data imports a breeze and will help streamline onboarding for those of you just getting started. It can also be applied to transaction uploads from your trading partners made through our Collaborator platform, which will simplify your reconciliation with them. Please reach out to your Customer Success team if you’re interested in taking advantage of this new offering.

We’ve also added some functionality to our popular new advanced reporting feature, which can be used to generate a report containing any information you have stored within Enable. In addition to specifying what’s in a report and when it’s run, you can also now set granular permissions to specify who should have access, and instead of downloading your reports, you can elect to receive them via SFTP.  

Trading Programs and related features

In our April update, we introduced a target periods feature to allow you to set up trading programs with multiple periods evaluated independently. For example, you can create a tiered rebate deal that lasts 12 months for which rebate is calculated at the end of each month for just that month’s transactions. Target periods make for tidier contracts and prevents trading partners from wanting to renegotiate such deals every month. With our latest update, we’ve added support for target periods to Watchlist, group and individual targets, deductions, non-retrospective target bands, and member thresholds for channel members. In the same spirit, we added robustness to how the system handles mechanisms like separate target and earnings, and we introduced the ability to configure non-retrospective growth programs.

We’re likewise enhancing additional conditions. This recently added functionality allows you to create a program line that, for example, pays rebate when any three conditions from a list of five are met. Because a clear audit trail is vital, we've enhanced our activity log to make information about changes involving additional conditions readily available.

Special Pricing and Promotions  

Promotions and Special Pricing are two new offerings, and we’ve been hard at work adding features and flexibility to get them ready. For example, a common special pricing agreement pairs a customer pricing contract (CPC) with a distributor support contract (DSC) to represent a deal in which the manufacturer reimburses a distributor to offset a deep customer discount. However, not all special pricing agreements are set up with these components, so we are updating the way agreement data is stored and retrieved to support future enhancements.  

In order to provide the same level of auditability that you get from Trading Programs, we’re developing the same type of payment authorization and workflow processes that you’re used to using for your rebate agreements. For example, payments out on promotions will be authorized in a way analogous to the way you would authorize payments out on a program line in Trading Programs. Approval hierarchies for promotions have been made visible, signatories now appear on PDFs, and workflow notification emails are set up for sharing.  

Furthermore, the creation, deletion and editing of promotions, special pricing agreements, CPCs and DSCs are now recorded in the activity log of a user’s Trading Programs channel, which will serve as a central record of all platform activity.  

We've also added a mechanism to Promotions to allow you to use (or not use) product multi-packs when configuring a deal. For example, if you manufacture truck accessories, you might offer distributors a lump sum to advertise a bundle of snow removal equipment during a particularly wintery month. Alternatively, of course, your deal wouldn’t have to involve any bundle. Finally, we’ve added the ability to configure a default tax rate which, along with some calculation updates, will help automate parts of your bookkeeping.  

Progress Tracker and buying groups

The Progress Tracker app is used to track trading program progress, to review actual earnings from targeted rebate deals, and to explore opportunities for proactive spending. Although it has become popular across all business types and verticals, it was originally conceived with buying groups in mind, and several updates are underway to make it possible to filter the information in the app in ways useful to buying groups and their members.  

For instance, if your channel supports buying groups, your ability to filter Progress Tracker by member and to view members' group and individual targeted program lines has been extended to include members that are configured as trading partners. This and many other enhancements are leading to the Partner Dashboard for Members.

Since we’re expanding the reach of Progress Tracker, we want to make sure that new users will have an easy time getting up to speed. To that end, we’re incorporating a product that can provide a guided tour of the app. Of course, your Customer Success team will always be available to answer questions as well, and we would appreciate any feedback about whether you find this on-screen assistance to be helpful.

Executive Dashboard  

The Executive Dashboard is an exciting new offering that will give C-suite executives a visual summary of their rebate performance, opportunities, agreement renewals and trading tendencies. First, we’re addressing the renewals portion, which will provide information like the number of programs due for renewal each month and their total value. To support this, we’ve added to Trading Programs the ability to configure renewal periods, to mark programs “to be discontinued”, and to specify which programs replace or are replaced by another. To learn more about the Executive Dashboard or to schedule a demo, please visit our website.  


As part of our ongoing internationalization effort, we now offer a Spanish language option in addition to English, French, German and Dutch. We’ve also been proactively making enhancements to help clarify record keeping when multiple languages, conventions and time zones are in play. For example, numbers can be input with your preferred decimal and thousands separators. We are also progressively rolling out time zone support in Trading Programs where, on certain pages, the times will be adjusted to your preferred time zone and a clarifying message will be displayed. Finally, a number of notifications have been translated, including actionable notifications used for workflow.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a product update every six weeks, we have numerous other new features under development that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, June 30th. Deployment of this next set of features to your live environment will take place on Saturday, August 6th.

Included in the next update:

  • Bulk payment upload permissions
  • Collaborator access to Progress Tracker
  • SFTP bulk payment upload

If you have any questions about current or future updates, please check out our product roadmap, contact us at, or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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