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Give your supply chain customers access to real-time rebate data that drives positive behaviors and builds stronger strategic relationships.
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Reduce rebate admin. Increase rebate visibility.

Rebate allocation transparency

Incentivize the right behaviors at branch level and establish trust by giving transparency around rebates allocation.

Trading agreement management

Utilize our partner portal to remove admin and ambiguity in agreements with robust sign-off and to view and upload transactional data.

Through margin reports

Get an accurate and up-to-date view of through margin for you and your trading partners.

Customer rebate management for manufacturers

Rebates should be a tool to encourage positive buying behaviors on the part of your customers, but in practice, they can be very hard to manage. Enable’s collaborative platform lets you turn customer rebates into a strategic engine for growth – for you and your supply chain customers.

Why Enable for manufacturers?

Gain full visibility into your rebate programs

Enable stores all your deals in one place, so you can view your rebate and incentive programs at any level of granularity – by customer, product line, SKU, deal type, branch and more.

Easily calculate and pay rebates

Modeling complex deals in standard ERP systems can be challenging, resulting in fine details getting lost. With Enable, you can model even the most complex deal terms, ensuring you always pay out the right amount.

Go to market stronger together

Enable gives you the data, insights and collaboration tools to craft win-win deals together with your customers, so you all go to market stronger.

Avoid friction over rebate claims

When rebate terms aren’t clear to all parties, you can wind up in disputes over how much is owed. With Enable, you work with your customers to review, discuss and approve deals – removing friction.

Accrue and forecast rebates accurately

Poor insight into rebates owed can lead to inaccurate financial reporting, forecasting and disclosure. With Enable, you can accrue and forecast rebate payments accurately and in real time.

Transforming customer rebate management for manufacturers

From manual collation and minimal insight…

  • Rebates were managed on spreadsheets with data collated from hundreds of customer emails
  • Blind rebates between distributors and customers meant payments were invisible to Stemco
  • Poor data and difficulty of reporting created a significant risk of overpayment

…to full visibility and discovery of a £35k overpayment

  • Now distributors can upload buying and sales data directly into Enable, saving admin time
  • Rebate managers can spend more time analyzing data and less time keying it in manually
  • Enable found £35k in historic overpayments due to duplicate data, which could be reclaimed

From an ERP that couldn’t handle complex rebate agreements…

  • Rebates are critical to yearly profitability, so needed to be managed closely
  • A new Microsoft ERP system couldn’t cope with the complex nature of the agreed deals
  • Managing rebates on spreadsheets would be too cumbersome and prone to error

…to strategic, future-proofed customer rebate management

  • Enable can handle even the most complex of Browne’s rebate agreements
  • Regular updates to the Enable solution mean it’s future-proofed for Browne and its customers
  • Browne can use insights from Enable to continuously improve their rebate deals with customers

From no viable solution to manage customer rebates…

  • Wanted to reward loyal customers and build relationships by offering rebates
  • Saw that solutions like spreadsheets and QuickBooks would create too much manual work
  • The admin overhead would cancel out the benefits of the higher customer spend

…to an intuitive platform that supports business growth

  • Enable offered everything NuLiv Science wanted from a customer rebate management solution
  • A clean user interface, easy onboarding and a friendly, proactive support team
  • Automated calculations, forecasts and reporting mean NuLiv Science can scale with Enable
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