Easily integrate with any ERP, CRM or BI tool

Make advanced rebate management a seamless part of your day-to-day operations.
  • Increase accuracy in data and rebate calculations
  • Decrease administrative overhead of managing your rebates
  • Leverage granular data for better financial models and commercial decisions

An ERP integration you can rely on

Enable was designed to sync with any ERP system or EDI provider. Allowing you to automatically feed ERP data into Enable, extract real time granular data, and surface it to the right team members. 

Get up and running quickly with the support of our Customer Success Managers or use our bespoke integration services. With over 18 years of integration experience working with a broad spectrum of systems and standards along the way, you’re in good hands. 
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Data integration and cleansing

Accurate calculations need accurate up-to-date data; but when it comes to rebates, accurate data is half the problem. That’s why we’ve designed a four-step process that automates the onboarding of primary data and transaction data from your ERP and CRM systems, so you can get up and running with Enable fast. 
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Integrate Enable with your CRM system and drive customer behaviour

Rebates and incentives are key for an effective sales strategy. Integrate Enable with your CRM system to get fine-grained control over those incentives and deep insights into the results your channel partners are delivering. 
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Unlock powerful insights and supercharge your Business Intelligence tools

Make sure your business analytics and reporting is complete by including rebate performance. Enable easily integrates with your BI and analytics tools, whether that’s Tableau, PowerBI, Infor, SAS, or any other system you may use. So you have all the information you need at your fingertips
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The Enable integration ecosystem

We're connecting to more ERP, CRM and BI tools every day, here's some our customers are already using.

Discover how you can drive profitable growth for your business with Enable.

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