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Executive Dashboard Overview

Exploring Executive Dashboard

This article summarises the dashboard in a manner suitable for everyone to discover the insights it can provide.

Enable’s Executive Dashboard provides a targeted overview to an executive audience that provides an overall summary of performance and buying behavior. This dashboard includes:

  • A listing of your top opportunities across your trading programs and partners, allowing you to strategically direct transactions
  • A breakdown of agreements by renewal status, advancing your negotiations with minimal financial risk
  • A summary of the top products and trading partners with high transaction but no associated rebate agreements, so you can establish the agreements that matter

Why use Executive Dashboard?

In real-time, the Executive Dashboard highlights the insights executives and their teams need to make strategic business decisions. Such decisions range from ensuring the timely renewal of agreements to taking advantage of opportunities for increased rebate earnings.

Displayed on the Executive Dashboard, the overview of trading programs and renewals timeline clearly shows the value of the programs which are due for renewal or overdue, giving executives visibility into what actions need to be taken (and when) and the financial impact they have.

If you want to learn more about the problems our Executive dashboard solves and the ways your organization can find value in it, check out our blog post here describing how your team can make strategic decisions with confidence.

The features of Executive Dashboard are summarized below.


The Opportunities tile supplies purchasing and financial stakeholders with an overview of trading programs with the highest earning potential, based on the distance between current spend and the next rebate tier. This empowers you to strategically direct spending to boost earnings on specific trade agreements.

Specifically, Opportunities will provide you with details on the program lines you’re tracking earnings against, like the dates and trading partners associated with a program – the “when” and the “who.” Not only that, but you’ll be able to see exactly how much spend is required to achieve the next goal, and what the earnings for reaching that goal would be. Additionally, a visual progress tracker allows for quick checks across a diverse range of partners and programs in a single view.


While viewing Opportunities encourages you to explore the current state of your transactions data, the Compliance frame ensures that existing spend is used to its maximum potential. Compliance identifies the best areas for securing rebate by determining the amount of rebatable and non-rebatable transactions within products and agreements.

While rebatable transactions (those with active earnings) work for you, non-rebatable transactions don’t, sitting idly without seizing upon rebates as a strategy. Compliance resolves this dilemma by indicating the best directions to focus your attention: on products or agreements with lots of transactions that don’t even factor into rebate.

Compliance is split into three sections: one which looks at the total ratio of transactions that are and are not earning rebate; another which focuses specifically on products; and a third which hones in on trading partners. Each of these sections provides a breakdown of rebatable and non-rebatable transactions, and identifies specific opportunities to negotiate rebate agreements that include these transactions.


Enable’s focus isn’t just on ensuring you capture maximum value from your spending strategy: we’re also working on making sure that strategy pays off, long term, by helping you maintain the deals and agreements that work best for you. The Renewals tile is particularly useful for any group planning on creating continued, year-by-year agreements. Signing off continuous agreements early allows you to be confident in your accruals and build trust between yourself and your trading partners.

Executive Dashboard can also identify the total rebate earnings opportunity behind your many renewals, and groups program earnings into the following statuses:

  • Renewed, a program is superseded by another active program or programs.
  • To be discontinued, for programs you intend to end.
  • Due For Renewal, where the current dates is within a number of days of the program end date.
  • Overdue, the current date is past the programs end date and there is no active program to supersede the old one.

The supersede and to be discontinued setting are managed on the program settings tab. The super ceded settings are automatically updated when you manually or automatic replicate a program.

Still, we know not all programs will be renewed simultaneously, which is why the Renewals timeline provides users with a month-by-month overview of the renewal status of earnings.

If you would like access to Executive Dashboard but don’t yet have it enabled, please raise a ticket on Cello or consult with your implementation team. If you would like to learn more about the topics discussed above, feel free to peruse the Enable help center. Enable users can also raise questions via help desk.

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