Partner Dashboard

Get everyone aligned around your trading programs with our Partner Dashboard.

Strengthen Your Partner Relationships

Keeping trading partners informed of progress is a central part of rebate management, exposing the best opportunities and maximizing earnings. Partner dashboard lets trading partners work in alignment by allowing you to share progress tracking with suppliers, customers and buying group members. It brings transparency to trading relationships, giving insight into margin opportunities and risks at a glance and on demand.

One Dashboard to Engage With Your Trading Partners


Work with your trading partners not against them. With Enable everyone can become true collaborators to make strategic buying and selling decisions in a timely manner.

Single source of truth

Enable gives everyone in the partnership the visibility and transparency they need to unlock the strategic potential of their deals.

Progress tracking

View the progress of your partners or buying group members towards achieving the targets set out in your trading programs. All the performance information you need is presented in one place.

Why Partner Dashboard?

Less Effort, More Impact

No more manual reporting at quarter- or year-end – let Enable do the heavy lifting for you. By switching on Partner Dashboard and inviting your partners to see their progress, your admin overheads will immediately be greatly reduced.

Increased Engagement

Partner Dashboard helps you to stay engaged with your trading partners and align on your goals. You can work with suppliers to identify where programs could be improved or help your customers hit their targets.

Embrace Transparency

When you and your partners are looking at the same data set, you can both see the full picture. Having access to this insight in near real-time helps you to remain agile and flexible to changing demands and market forces.

Maximize Profitability and Growth

With Enable, you and your partners can get back to the real purpose of trading programs – to help you grow your business together. Clear visibility of progress towards targets means you can actively present margin opportunities to your partners.

Increase Value for Members

Buying Groups and Membership Organizations love the way Partner Dashboard gives members the latest information to make informed purchasing decisions – at both individual and group level. This visibility allows members to maximize earnings for themselves while contributing to group targets.

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