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A single, collaborative platform allowing you to model, manage and report on supplier rebate agreements — to any degree of complexity.

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Empower your members. Streamline your processes.

Supplier data collection

Remove time spent manually collating data by allowing suppliers to consistently input their sales figures for each member.

Rebate payment calculations

Automatically calculate your rebates payable to each member with a robust audit trail.

Member reporting

Give members access to performance data and the rebates they’ll earn while protecting their competitive edge.

Powerful supplier rebate management software for buying groups

When your reputation rests on your ability to maximize margins for your members, it pays to have best-in-class rebate management software. Helping your members get the best deals and incentives can result in a significant boost to their bottom line.

Enable lets you manage, track and report on rebates centrally so you can maximize your members’ rebate earnings and never miss an opportunity to claim. What’s more, our collaboration and reporting features let you work strategically with your suppliers and keep your members up to date with the value you’re returning to them.

Why Enable for buying groups?

Claim all rebates owed

Most ERP systems lack the granularity to model trading agreements in detail, so rebates are frequently left on the table. Enable helps you get the best deals for your members and maximize their rebate earnings.

Better supplier collaboration

Enable’s collaboration features let you work strategically with your suppliers to support their business plans while getting more rebates for your members – creating a win-win approach for everyone.

Grow while staying lean

Manual rebate management eats up resources as your business grows. Enable automates rebate management, calculation and reporting, so you can grow your business without growing your team.

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Transforming supplier rebate management for buying groups

From an antiquated and frustrating system…

  • Rebate processing and analysis relied on Excel, requiring a huge manual effort every day
  • Complex and detailed rebates across hundreds of vendors with a variety of tiers and thresholds
  • Pulling data from multiple sources required manual cross-checking to avoid human error

…to efficient and future-proof rebate management

  • Automatic calculations and data flow from their ERP system into Enable
  • Seamless setup thanks to the expertise of Enable’s implementation and customer success teams
  • Opportunity to contribute to the constantly-evolving Enable product roadmap

From inflexible and inefficient rebate management…

  • Spreadsheet-based rebate management made it hard to tailor deals to meet suppliers’ goals
  • Over-reliance on information held in spreadsheets created the risk of it being lost on a server
  • Spreadsheets made it hard to segment rebates by product line for maximum returns to members

…to being able to negotiate better and deeper deals

  • NetPlus Alliance can now be more creative in supplier negotiations and return more to members
  • Rebates are calculated automatically, improving accuracy and freeing time for more strategic work
  • Cloud-based platform and expert support offer peace of mind and accommodate business needs

A major player in the plumbing and HVAC market…

  • Canada’s leading national distributor of plumbing, HVAC/R and PVF products
  • Coast-to-coast network of over 220 branches supported by a streamlined supply chain
  • Largest inventory in the country of leading-brand faucets and fixtures

…is also a leader in rebate management

  • Enable’s interface and workflow allow easy collaboration between Purchasing and Finance
  • All trade agreements are documented in a central repository, creating a single source of truth
  • A shared digital workspace allows agreements to be reviewed and discussed with suppliers

From old archaic systems and spreadsheets...

  • With only two people managing the rebates, they were reliant on human intervention
  • No one really understood how to use their home grown system which was stuck on a physical server
  • Lack of efficiency lead to errors and leakage of information and data

…to a cloud-based rebate management solution

  • Driving efficiency across the organization with a centralized deal repository
  • Be more transparent and collaborative with suppliers and members, they now have the ability to track their performance
  • High quality reporting means they can now make more accurate decisions
Group of integrations. Salesforce, Zoho, Epicor, Sage, SAP, Pipedrive, HubSpot.

The Enable integration ecosystem

Easily integrate with any ERP, CRM or BI tools. We’re already working with a wide range of tools, and we’re connecting to more every day. Here are some our customers are already using:

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