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Wield the power of custom reports

We're starting strong in 2022 by announcing what will surely be one of our most popular new features, namely custom reports. We've also made the recently released additional conditions functionality easier to use and have improved the payment allocation process. Progress on the internationalization project and on the special pricing and ad hoc deals apps are bringing us closer to some exciting releases later in the year, and automated alerts for failed data imports are now a convenient option for many customers.

These and many other updates are already available to test in your UAT channel, and deployment to your live channel will take place on Saturday, April 2nd. Information about the product update process and a full calendar of deployment dates are available in the Help Center.  

Trading Programs

We’re excited to announce the brand-new Custom Reports area within the Reporting module. This massively increases our flexibility to handle your individual reporting needs when they extend into niches that the program reports and daily earnings reports don’t currently handle. Once this option is configured in your channel by your Customer Success team, you’ll be able to run and download reports generated by customized SQL queries to our database. You could also have such reports scheduled to run automatically and to have users alerted when they’re ready. If you’ve ever asked your Customer Success team, “Can we get a report from Enable with...”, then this new feature is for you!

Next up, the additional conditions functionality has gotten a number of quality-of-life and auditability improvements. The first is the ability to select all individuals as having met (or not met) a particular additional condition, which alleviates the need to manually select every individual.  The second is increased support for the comments associated with manual additional conditions. Previously, any comments entered when toggling the met/unmet status disappeared from view. Now, you'll be able to see the comment from the last time this setting was toggled, and in the case of per-individual conditions, comments will be shown against each individual.  


You'll also notice that the progress bars for additional conditions now update in real time as changes are made to the page. For example, the bars will update if different dimension items are selected or various individuals' met/unmet statuses are toggled. Finally, we’ve added the option for forecast and accrual figures to be generated for unmet additional conditions. This lends itself to more accurate bookkeeping since you won't have to wait until a condition is met to accrue or forecast for it properly.


Also new in Trading Programs:

  • Our engineers have been working hard to speed up the calculations that take place in your channel when new transactions or primary data are added. We're happy to announce that the latest deployment will result in significantly shorter computation times for large calculation batches. This means less time waiting to obtain the insights you need.
  • The Trading Partner (beta) listing now has a counter showing the number of trading programs associated with each trading partner, so you'll be able to see this total without having to navigate any further.
  • Bulk deletion of dimensions and dimension items has been streamlined, which will reduce the time spent during certain channel reconfiguration tasks.


In this round of updates, several changes related to payment allocation have been made within the Finance app. For example, the UI for payment allocation and adjustment has been improved to better present the information. Total figures for Earnings, Paid, Adjustment, Balance Due and Allocated value have been relocated from the footer into the payment lines table in a new totals row. The payment allocation step has been improved to include the value of the remittance being allocated and the remaining amount to allocate. This information is presented in tiles at the top of the screen.

Filters have also been added to the last steps in payment allocation and adjustment. It is now possible to filter payment lines by program line ID, reference, or program month. This will make it easier to locate specific payment lines and will therefore improve the ease and speed of allocating and adjusting payments. Additionally, you can now select all payment lines, enter a payment amount, and then choose particular lines to apply the payment to.


Partial payment allocation has been restructured as well, and there have been several improvements in this area. First, we have consolidated allocated and unallocated payment history records for both future and historic partially allocated payments. This will make it clear what portion of each payment is not yet allocated. Allocated and unallocated tax will be handled in the same way and displayed on the same record. Second, to improve consistency with unallocated payments, users will now be prompted to document a reason when payments are partially allocated. This will not affect your current unallocated payments, but it will ensure clarity going forward.


Third, when a partial payment is reversed, the payment will now revert to being completely unallocated. This will remove complexities that arise from having separate allocated and unallocated payment records. Finally, when an interim trading program is replaced by a proposal, partially allocated payments that lapse will now just update the new single payment record.


We continue to adapt our system to support our international growth. More and more aspects of Enable are now being adapted for French language support including the emails we send, the CSV files we provide, and the dates, numbers and times that constitute Enable’s displays. We are developing support for French in applications such as Finance, Snapshots, and Reports, and apps that accommodate translation will next be made available in Dutch. These changes will lay the foundation for other languages to be introduced in the future.

Special Pricing

In the Deals app, we are continuing to add valuable new features for both special pricing agreements and ad hoc deals. Specifically for ad hoc deals, we have completed an enhancement which sets the invoice date as the date that the deal enters the approval process. This date can be overridden manually, should you ever need to do so.  

The listings pages of both SPAs and ad hoc deals have been improved as well, firstly to include a Filters and views side panel. This new panel allows you to control your view and apply filters to the listing much more efficiently. It is also now possible to see Special Pricing Agreements in the SPAs listing by using the Type filter.


In preparation for a future release of role-based workflow, numerous other enhancements have been made to the Deals app including improvements to calculations performance, organization roles and additional error logging. These enhancements form part of longer-term initiatives and will be improved in the coming months.

Additional Updates

From among the usual plethora of more subtle usability and performance improvements, this time we’d like to highlight the new automatic email notifications for failed imports. If your channel is set up for automatic SFTP transfers, contacts of your choosing can now receive alerts if there are issues with any of the files. This can save valuable time and help keep things running smoothly.  

In preparation for future work enabling role-based workflow, the User Management area now offers a “Roles” tab where one can create for each user a role for each organization they’re associated with. Bulk uploads of user-to-role mappings are possible, and a permission setting will determine whether a particular user can manage users and roles.  

We close with a brief mention of two added conveniences. First, a message listing on the Organizations profile page will make it easier to search and view messages and, second, the navigation panel from the My Account page has been updated and added to both the Notifications and User Management pages for easy navigation and consistent design.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a product update every six weeks, we have numerous new features under development that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, April 7th. Deployment of this next set of features to your live environment will take place on Saturday, May 14th.

Included in the next update:

  • New settings to support frequency-based targets
  • Filters to control what is tallied in the Progress Tracker app
  • Options to make expected earnings visible to trading partners

If you have any questions about current or future updates, please contact us at or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always you can log a ticket with any feedback or questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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