Accurately Calculate your Rebates Held in Inventory

It’s time to recognize the rebate earned at the point of sale rather than at the point of purchase (in accordance with accounting rules) with this powerful new rebate management add-on.
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A Smarter Way to Manage Rebates
Held in Inventory

Cleaner Financial Statements

Streamline accounting processes and record true rebate values within your financial statements.

Audit Secure

Avoid any financial statement surprises by ensuring compliance with rebate values during audits.

One Centralized Platform

A single location for automated calculations of rebate in stock & rebate release values.

Unlocking Rebates within Inventory

  • Reduce manual processes. Off-system calculations can often take a huge toll on your team.

  • Eliminate miscalculations. Calculations performed at an aggregated level can lead to miscalculations.

  • Improve visibility. Lack of access to rebate earnings broken down by location and product lead to improper decision making.

Key Features

Audit Compliance

Automated calculations for rebate in stock and rebate release values for financial statements.

Rebate Earning Calculations

Seamless calculations that apportion rebate earnings to corresponding sales orders.

Inventory Load & Transfers

Support entire rebate chain of custody, including transfers between CDC’s and locations.

Executive Dashboard

Monitor total rebate in stock and YTD rebate release based on sales, and more.

Effective Reporting

Schedule rebate snapshots with financial periods and accurately report rebate earnings to sales orders.

What Our Clients Say

Redefine and Optimise Business Processes

The ability for our inventory accruals to seamlessly follow how our supplier rebates are calculated is a big step towards Enable being the auditable, end-to-end rebate solution. The Inventory rebate accounting feature allows us, on demand, to gain insights into our branch performance and through the inventory transfer functionality to monitor our supply chain behaviors.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Paul Needham

UK Director of Information Systems & Data | SIG

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