Rebate Management for Service Providers

Transform your rebate challenges into lucrative opportunities.
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Achieve Profitable Outcomes and Manage Your Rebates with Ease

Enable takes the complexity out of managing rebates, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering top-notch services and unlocking growth.

Create, Negotiate and Execute

Author, agree upon, execute, and track your deals collaboratively for better alignment with your trading partners.

Centralized Deal Repository

Effectively manage all your deal types, contracts and data in one rebate management platform, regardless of the service you provide.

Control Your Data

Manage your workflows, audit trails and stay ahead of opportunities and risks with real-time data insights that inform your strategic decisions.

Enable is

The #1 Rated Rebate
Management Platform

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Built For All Types of
Service Providers

Hospitality & Tourism

Education & Training Services

Utility Services

Health & 
Medical Services

Banking, Finance &
Insurance Services

Real Estate &
Property Management

Facility & Asset Management

Logistics, Transport
& Supply Chain

Automotive Service
& Maintenance

Information &
Communication Technology

Rebates Made Easy

Our Rebate Management Platform Features

Tailored to fit the unique needs of service providers across diverse industries.

Trading programs

Effortlessly set up, manage, and configure all your diverse rebate programs, make data-driven adjustments while maintaining compliance.


Monitor and share rebate performance in real time, empowering data-driven decisions that drive revenue growth.


Review forecasted rebate data and make predictions that can save you money and help mitigate any risks that may arise in the future.


Accurately and automatically generate, submit, and track rebate claims to speed up cash collection.

Why Choose Our Rebate Management Platform

  • Boost Financial Performance: Actionable insights that reveal paths to increased profitability and sales. 

  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Automate processes and collaborate effectively to free up valuable resources across the organization.

  • Mitigate Business Risk: Single version of truth ensures auditability and eliminates knowledge silos.

Learn Why Leading Service
Providers Trust Enable

Discounts Transformed Enable's Revenue Revolution

Having just one rebate program, I took a calculated risk, confident that automation would attract more opportunities. Thanks to Enable, we've transitioned from having a single customer rebate agreement covering just 10% of Australia's pharmacy retail market to securing four more, now covering over half the industry. ”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Surgh Singh

CEO | Locumate

Empowering Our Teams

In our quest for greater efficiency and transparency, we recognize the need to overhaul our cumbersome manual rebate process. Relying heavily on just one person to helm a $20M rebate program with over 300 agreements across various retailers underscored the urgency for a rebate management platform.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Jacob Murdock

Senior Accountant | Progressive Leasing

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