Advanced Reporting

Bring your data to life with configurable reports that measure the impact of your rebate programs
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Uncover insights. Make informed decisions. Achieve profitable outcomes.

Fully customizable

Fully customize the data you want to give a more holistic view and empower your teams to make more informed decisions.

Identify critical insights

Advanced reporting puts your data at your disposal like never before, giving you the ability to uncover real-time insights and deliver more value, faster.

Scheduled or on-demand reporting

Determine how your reports can work best for you. Either download instantly or set up a schedule for a time that suits you.

Eliminate the guesswork from your decision-making

To extract the most value from your rebate programs and take advantage of strategic opportunities you need the ability to build powerful reports to get the answers you and your team need in a timely manner. Enable’s advanced reporting suite allows any data stored within Enable to be downloaded either ad-hoc or automatically on a schedule, so you can make more informed decisions in an instant.

Why Enable for advanced reporting?

Monitor rebate performance

Even the best data is meaningless if it doesn’t help you understand what to do next. That’s why we give you on-demand access to reports that are populated with real-time information, so you and your team can make decisions based on up-to-date data.

Control access and permissions

Any report you create is initially private and only available to you, but you can change the report permissions to make results accessible to stakeholders across your business or share it to an Enable or customer SFTP location.

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Greater operational efficiency

By automating the reporting process this can reduce or even eliminate manual effort while ensuring timely delivery of information to all of your team and freeing them to focus on more strategic activities.

Schedule reports monthly, quarterly or yearly

Scheduled reports make it easier to share data with the people who need it, cutting out the need to manually create reports for each period. At the scheduled time, the system collects the latest data, builds the report and emails it to a list of subscribed users.

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Learn more about Enable’s Advanced Reporting

If you’re already using Enable’s reporting suite, then please reach out to your Customer Success team to get started. New to Enable? Get in touch at for more information or click below to request a demo.

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