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Own your rebate process, convert risks into opportunities and foster collaboration with your trading partners. 


Effectively manage every deal type. Track, analyze and optimize the entire rebate management process.   


Create, negotiate, and execute deals with trading partners. Improve alignment by tracking progress in one trusted location. 


Share the data you want to share, internally and externally. Configure workflows, approval processes, and audit trails to maintain transparency and compliance.

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With over $76 trillion circulating through the supply chain, most B2B transactions rely on partnerships. A vast and thriving network of trading partner collaboration is happening right now on the Enable platform. Learn More >

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Trusted Trading Relationships
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By moving 1 customer alone to Enable, we saved $100k/year because we realized we were paying out on products we shouldn't have been paying for. We had a number of these scenarios that we identified on Enable

- Pharmaceuticals Distributor​

The time to value and implementation of Enable was a lot easier than Vistex. Enable is a 3-month set-up vs. 15 months for Vistex.”

- Pharmaceuticals Distributor ​

ROI is in the 6 figures of dollars from recovered rebates. We identified $150 - 200K of rebates to recover with Enable.”

- Plumbing and HVAC Distributor 

In the initial two years, we anticipate eliminating £2 million in rebates that were inefficient and did not yield any tangible benefits due to the Enable platform.”

- Director of Business Development, EMEA 

Previously, our rebate program faced challenges due to disorganized data and a 6–12-week payment timeframe. Now, we've streamlined the process, cutting this down to 4 weeks, improving cashflow. ”

- Sales Analyst, North America

Financially, rebates increased from $1.8 million in 2021 to $3.3 million in 2022, with a notable rise in 2023, boosted by revenue from new vendors on the Enable platform.”

- CFO, North America

We expect a remarkable 230% increase in forecasted rebate revenue since partnering with Enable. This significant growth is only the beginning as we are expecting even larger returns next year.”

- Solar Energy Manufacturer

Our Rebate Management Platform Features

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Trading Programs

Create, manage and analyze all your different rebate deals all in one place for easier and more strategic rebate management.


Bring data to life with reports that measure the impact of your rebate programs and monitor rebate performance in real-time.


Review and accept forecast recommendations that consider seasonality and allow you to track, adjust and model projected rebates.


Accurately and automatically generate, submit, and track rebate claims to speed up cash collection.

Learn Why Leading Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers Trust Enable

Managing Suppliers in a More Robust Way

We plan on growing. Rebates are a big part of our business, but we needed a partner who will grow with us in different elements of our business. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Enable.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Jeffrey Moyle

Vice President | Rexel Canada

Accurate Rebate Calculations and Payments

Using Enable provides significant time savings, particularly on a monthly basis and at the beginning of the year. The setup process is much simpler with Enable compared to Excel. In my opinion, this is where a lot of time can be saved.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Alec Tobi

Account Manager | G2S TOBEQ

From Spreadsheets to Success

Using Enable has helped me to save time on administrative and Excel management tasks, allowing me to focus on analyzing data that drives company results.

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Adnan Ovcina

Finance Manager | ORS Nasco

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