IDEA Connector for Electrical Product Data

Easily share up-to-date product and pricing data with trading partners, thanks to Enable and IDEA Connector
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Accurate product and pricing data

Get instant access to the latest data. IDEA Connector automatically pulls manufacturer product and pricing master data into Enable, so manufacturers and distributors are on the same page from the start.

No data migration needed

Get started fast. Enable pulls standardized data automatically from IDEA, meaning no manual data conversion and migration before you can start creating and executing on rebate agreements.

Always up to date

No more manually updating spreadsheets every time a manufacturer’s pricing or product data changes. With Enable and IDEA Connector, you always have access to the latest information.

Stay current with electrical product and pricing data from IDEA

One of the big challenges of rebate management in the electrical industry is ensuring everyone is working with the right product and pricing data. If trading partners are using different data, it can slow down the process of agreeing rebate deals and can lead to inaccurate rebate calculations and claims.

Enable solves this problem through our integration with IDEA Connector from the Industry Data Exchange Association, the product data service provider for the electrical industry. When you use Enable for rebate management, you and your trading partners can easily share up to date and standardized product and pricing data from IDEA, so you can agree deals faster and ensure claims are always correct.

Why Enable + IDEA Connector?

Create and execute rebate agreements instantly

IDEA Connector means there’s no need for a lengthy data migration into the Enable platform. With instant access to standardized manufacturer product and pricing data, you can build and implement rebate agreements fast.

Build trusted trading relationships

When everyone’s working with the same data, friction and disputes fall away. With the latest product and pricing data visible to both parties in Enable, manufacturers and distributors can build transparent, trusting relationships.

Cut down on rebate admin

Nobody enjoys updating massive spreadsheets every time a manufacturer adds another SKU or changes their pricing. With Enable and IDEA Connector it’s all done automatically – meaning less admin and lower risk of error.

Accelerate your ROI from Enable

The quicker you can get up and running with Enable, the sooner you’ll see a return on your investment. IDEA Connector cuts out a lot of the initial data migration work, so you can start getting value from Enable faster.

Create a platform for growth

When you use Enable with IDEA Connector, you can work closely with your trading partners to share new data, agree beneficial new deals and set them in motion. Enable becomes a strategic platform for mutual growth.

Learn more about Enable and IDEA Connector

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