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What is Progress Tracker?

Progress Tracker allows you to keep track of the progress made towards tiered or targeted program lines, with current spending shown for each trading partner. This instant visibility gives quick insights including year on year spend and rebate which allow you to identify trends, and calculated opportunities to help you to improve efficiency and maximize earnings.

Progress Tracker focuses on actual year to date transactions - the information will continue to change as transactions are uploaded, giving you visibility into where trading partners are at the most up to date moment.

Trading partners or buying group members can also be given access to easily view information about the program lines they are included in via Partner Dashboard.

Using opportunities to maximize earnings

Progress Tracker shows potential earnings across your agreements and opportunities available using opportunity scores.

What is the opportunity score?

  • The opportunity score is a metric for targeted program lines, designed for you to be able to easily identify opportunities where only a small spend is required to unlock a large amount of rebate earnings so that these aren’t missed.
  • The less time there is to hit a target, the higher the opportunity score will be, as that opportunity will essentially expire so it would be more beneficial for that to be reviewed and not missed before it ends.
  • Ultimately, remember this: the higher the opportunity score, the greater the opportunity.

How is the opportunity score calculated?

The opportunity score is proportional to the rebate to gain at the next band divided by the purchases required to reach it, then divided by the number of days left on the program line.

With opportunity scores, you can maximize the effective rate you get for proactive spending. For example, it can help you decide whether to spend $500 to earn an extra $40 on a program line that ends in 90 days (a score of 9) or to spend $600 to get an extra $30 on a program line that ends in 30 days (a score of 17).

What’s next?

Find out how to maximize your earnings within your Enable channel by visiting our guide on how to use progress tracker.

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