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What is Progress Tracker?

Progress Tracker allows you to keep track of the progress made toward ongoing deals. This visibility of current spending can help optimize potential earnings. This feature will also allow buying group members to easily view information about the program lines they are included in.

To access Progress Tracker, you can click the new tab on the Trading Programs homepage or from the 'Trading Programs' menu.



Progress Tracker shows potential earnings across your agreements. For each organization, you can see your total transactions, the largest rebate opportunity, your current earnings, and the time until your earliest program line ends.

Selecting an organization will give you a breakdown of the individual program lines:

  • Description: The name and date range of the program line
  • Transactions: Actual and forecast spend
  • Earnings: The earnings you can expect if you reach the next tier and current earnings
  • Opportunity: The spend required to reach the next tier and the ROI on achieving the next tier
  • Progress: Progress bars depicting the total spend with lines marking upcoming tiers and the time remaining. This section can be expanded to show detailed progress toward the next target bands for the program line

The titles expand as well to provide further detail.

The opportunity score for a program line is proportional to the rebate to gain at the next band divided by purchases required to reach it, divided by days left on the program line. With these scores, you can maximize the effective rate you get for proactive spending. For example, it can help you decide whether to spend $500 to earn an extra $40 on a deal that ends in 90 days (a score of 9) or to spend $600 to get an extra $30 on a deal that ends in 30 days (a score of 17).

The app focuses on actual YTD transactions, so the information will continue to change as transactions are uploaded.

For program lines with group and individual targets configured, only the rate being earned will be shown.


Access to Progress Tracker can be managed by your Administrators. Users will be able to see the progress of agreements with any trading partner for which they have Reports (read) access.

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