Working together to bring collaborative rebate management to B2B demand chains

We’re partnering with some of the world’s smartest and most visionary companies to bring automated and collaborative rebate management to B2B demand chains. Find out more and become a partner today.

IDEA: Product data for electrical industry rebate management

Enable is the only rebate management software platform to integrate with IDEA Connector, the product data service provider for the electrical industry. Our integration with IDEA Connector means electrical distributors can access manufacturer product data directly in Enable, making the creation and management of rebate and incentive agreements much easier.
Enable PROs background

PROS: Automate rebate creation in a dynamic selling world

For manufacturers selling to distributors through digital channels with automated and dynamic pricing, defining appropriate rebates and incentives can be tough. We’ve partnered with PROS the AI-powered pricing and selling platform, to enable manufacturers to offer profitable rebates on the fly in a real-time, omnichannel selling world.
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AD: Strategic Service Provider for Rebate Management

Enable will serve AD members and suppliers with an AD-vetted software solution to help members manage their rebate programs more effectively, too. Like AD, Enable believes that having control of these rebates and incentive programs is a huge priority to drive performance. Enable’s software will help AD members and suppliers manage and optimize their rebate programs to level-set earnings performance through robust forecasting, accruals, reporting, dashboards, and more.

We’ve also designed Enable to work with your existing ERP, CRM and business intelligence tools, making advanced rebate management a seamless part of your day-to-day operations.

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Why partner with Enable?

Enable is experiencing rapid growth on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing our SaaS rebate management software to ambitious manufacturers, distributors, retailers and buying groups across industry sectors.

Partnering with us means you’ll benefit from our focused go-to-market plans and product roadmap, paired with our friendly and fast-growing team of technologists, marketers and customer success professionals. If that sounds like a good deal, get in touch and let’s make B2B better together.

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Enable Preferred Partner Program

Partner with Enable to unleash the power of rebates and special pricing agreements.

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Why Partner with us?

In the world of rebates, collaboration is key to success. That’s why you need a partner you can trust. Our Preferred Partner Program is designed to help you:

Grow Your Business

Rebate management is on the cusp of explosive growth. Join us, expand your customer base and increase revenue in this proven market with uncapped potential.

Enhance Your Offering

Leverage our innovative product capabilities including our advanced SPAs functionality to differentiate your business and provide more value to your customers.

Level Up Your Marketing

We’ll co-market together and give you access to our exclusive partner community to bring awareness to your offering, create greater reach and business opportunities.

Become a Rebates and SPAs Expert

Access proven resources, in-depth enablement training, and best-in-class support from your dedicated partner manager and implementation team to deepen your rebate knowledge and expertise.  

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We Have the Right Partner Program for you

The Enable Preferred Program is flexibly designed to support your business needs today – and tomorrow.

Advisory Partners

Are you a business, management or transformation advisor, technology consultant or system integrator? Partner with us to deliver key transformation initiatives and jointly improve sustainable profitability for clients.

Technology Partners

Are you an ISV or technology platform working with businesses across the global supply chain? Work with us to create integrated solutions that complement the Enable platform.

Industry Partners

Are you an association, buying group or industry expert? As partners, share in depth knowledge and innovative resources about how rebates accelerate growth with your members to amplify Enable’s vision.

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Our Trusted Partner Ecosystem

Discover how technology, advisory and affiliate partners are working with Enable.

What our Current Preferred Partners say

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“As an organization we already have a great working relationship with Enable, and we share a keen awareness of the need for a more strategic and holistic rebate management solution for our members and suppliers. By extending our relationship with Enable to include them as a service provider we will work to eliminate rebate inefficiencies, deliver new data-driven insights, and provide an elevated experience across all our customers. This will produce stronger revenue and earnings outcomes for our members and suppliers.”

Drew Moyer

“This partnership with Enable is a great innovation for the industry. Not only does this bring more efficiency to the channel, it also extends IDEA Connector data into new areas that increase value for both distributors and manufacturers. Combining the resources of Enable and IDEA to produce an industry-endorsed rebate platform will reap long-term dividends for years to come.”

David Oldfather
President and CEO of IDEA

Our Preferred Partner Program Team is With You Every Step of the Way

Jonas Laucys

VP of Partnerships & Field Operations

Maureen Barsema

Industry Principal

Jennifer Minh

Advisory Partner

Adam Jamal

Technology Partner

Jennifer Nelson

Industry Partner

Leah Kempe

Partner Development

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