Accurate Accounting for Supplier Rebates

Improve cash flow and profitability by accurately calculating, accruing and collecting all rebates owed.
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Still struggling to keep track of your rebate income in spreadsheets? By accounting for supplier rebates with Enable gives you one place to view, manage and claim all of your rebate earnings — save time, improve cash flow, and boost profitability.

Never miss a rebate again

Get total deal visibility

Collect cash quicker

Accelerate month end

Enable in action: program lines

Gain full visibility of supplier rebate earnings. With Enable you can create program lines down to the individual SKU level, giving accurate insight into your actual and forecasted rebate income.

Enable in action: program line earnings

Track earnings in granular detail. See forecasted earnings and transactions for any program line in any trading program with any trading partner.

Enable in action: finance snapshots

Finance snapshots facilitate the export of data to feed your ledgers and records. Each ‘snapshot’ taken is an auditable record of the finance package and can be configured to best suit your needs.

Enable in action: transactions report

Gain visibility of all of your transactions with any supplier. Extract transaction data from any trading program for a specified period of time.

What you get with Enable

One source of truth

Save time and effort with all your rebate programs in one place

Automated invoicing

Collect 100% of rebate owed, leaving nothing on the table

Accurate forecasting and accruals

Plan more effectively with accurate rebate forecasting
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Approval workflow

Get rebate agreements approved faster

Robust audit trail

See who took which actions and when

Comprehensive reporting

Get up-to-date reports on actual and forecasted rebate income
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Enable has improved our accuracy and created efficiencies, as rebate is calculated programmatically instead of manually.

Kerry Atlas, VP Finance and Operations
NetPlus Alliance
See what else AD has achieved with Enable

The ability to forecast your rebates is an extremely powerful tool. The visibility we have with Enable is a major advantage that we did not have before.

Matt Freedman, Director of Finance
General Plumbing Supply
See what else GPS has achieved with Enable

Enable provides profitability reporting to ensure complete transparency across the company and, with a warning model, any deals sold below cost are flagged up immediately.

Denys Shortt OBE, Founder and CEO
DCS Group (UK) Ltd
See what else DCS has achieved with Enable

Our old system was very antiquated. With Enable, we can have trend lines very quickly and effectively. Our buyers can go in and do ‘what if’ scenarios to see if we do X, what is the impact

Clare Greensmith, Financial Controller
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