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With our latest update, Enable is doubling down on the financial insights that you can gain from our Finance module and that your partners can gain from our Partner Dashboard. Our advanced reporting now allows you to generate regular reports highlighting changes that have happened to your rebate earnings since they were last ran. Your partners can now use our Partner Dashboard to determine the biggest opportunities across specific data sets and you can get real-time insights into the status of your payments and notifications for payments that need your authorization. On top of this, we have further enhancements to our technical health with performance improvements, including for our Executive Dashboard.

The most recent batch of updates is now available to test in your UAT channel, and deployment to your live channel will take place on Saturday, October 29th. Information about our product update process and a full calendar of deployment dates are available in our Help Center.  

Partner Dashboard for Members  

Our Partner Dashboard facilitates the sharing of progress on trading programs between you and your collaborators. For a Buying Group, the dashboard makes it easy to see a single source of truth between the group and its members. You can increase the value you provide to your partners by seeing how close they are to rebate thresholds and help them make changes to boost their bottom line.

Your partners can now also use our Partner Dashboard to analyse and compare the potential impact of purchases and determine the biggest opportunities at a very granular level. To achieve this, we have added a new filter that will allow your partners to select specific data sets, such as products, that they may have particular financial interest in. Partners will be able to filter reports by product group, store location, or any other number of data within Enable to gain extremely targeted insights.

Once a user has made their selections, the visible program lines will be automatically filtered down accordingly; only program lines that include one or more of the selected data sets in the qualifying transactions of the program line will be shown.

Enable is also introducing more granular permissions for Progress Tracker, which will allow you to grant collaborator access based on program line types. This change will allow you to define areas of responsibility for individual collaborators and make sure that your partners only access information that is relevant to them. We think that this will be particularly useful if your partner has multiple departments with different interests or if you are looking to roll out Collaborator but you’re not ready yet to share all program lines with your partner.

Finance & Payment Authorization

Our Finance app can help to make sure that your business’ financial processes are maintained consistently across platforms. To facilitate these processes, we’re enhancing emails automatically sent out by way of the payment authorization workflow. Enable will provide you with all of the information that you need to make a quick decision when your authorization is required for a payment. These emails will now include crucial data about payments made, including the value of the payment and the trading partner to which it relates.

That’s not all. Our Finance enhancements also include adding a workflow report, to better help you qualify what is being paid out, and what is being signed off. This new report will be your one-stop-shop for all updates on your payments, and will feel very similar to our existing trading programs workflow report. You can use this new report to get a single source of truth for all things payments: what has been paid out, the payment method used, the approval status, and who you’re waiting on.

We’re also making a few other changes to the financial workflow process, allowing authorized users to effectively reset payments, and updating descriptions of periods within the Finance app. These will allow more user autonomy and comprehension of the results of the Finance app.

Data Integration & Cleansing and advanced reporting

Our data integration & cleansing product makes it quick and easy to get your data into Enable. With this update, you can now upload integration reference files automatically via SFTP upload. To do this, it’s as simple as providing a filename that you want to use for your integration reference file. Integration reference files contain a single column that represents a key, and then many other columns with supplementary values. If an import is configured to reference one of these files, we can match on key (using a dictionary) and then utilize any supplementary information within the import.

We have added the ability to handle XML files, alongside TXT and Excel files. You can now provide XML data directly to Enable for ingestion. You can also now choose any timeframe to upload transaction data for, with the system automatically replacing any existing data within that timeframe with the data that you have provided.

Our advanced reporting capabilities allow you to unlock bespoke insights into your rebate and agreement data from within Enable. You can schedule them to be delivered to an Enable or external SFTP location on a schedule, and we’ve now added the ability to deliver to one of these locations on an ad-hoc basis. When downloading a report, you can now simply select a delivery location alongside any relevant criteria.  

We have given you full control over the file naming convention when you choose a delivery location; you can now provide any name that you would like to be used when an advanced report is generated from Enable. This gives you enhanced flexibility when you are combining data from Enable with other systems and makes it simple for you to set up targeted integration pipelines based on the filename that Enable generates. As before, any advanced reports that you generate will be available for you to access in your My Reports area.

To unlock even more real-time focused insights through advanced reporting, we've added the option for dynamic content. This will make it simple for you to get insights into what has changed across Enable since the last time that the report was ran. Each user will see their own unique insights based on when they last ran the report; if you want to see any updates to your partner’s rebate earnings or changes to rebate terms for agreements that you manage, then we’ve got you covered. Please speak to your Customer Success team to get these reports configured.

Executive Dashboard

Our Executive Dashboard allows you and your Executive team to get an on-demand snapshot of your deal performance in real-time. The opportunities segment shows you where you can make the biggest impact on your rebate. We have updated this segment to include more information about the organization that is involved in a program line. This makes it simple for you to see the relevant organizations at a glance and make decisions faster.

The Executive Dashboard’s renewals segments give you a holistic view of all of the programs that are configured within your channel. We have introduced a number of performance improvements to this area along with the ability to view programs based on the individual that is responsible for them.


We are continuing to strengthen our PROS partnership, making it simple for you to see your earnings from Enable within your PROS system. We have updated our integrations to provide PROS’ Price Optimization Management tool with real-time rebate earnings. If you’re interested in our partnership with PROS, then please speak to your Customer Success Manager about how you can get involved.

Special Pricing

Special Pricing allows you to manage, track, and analyze your SPAs and turn them into a driver of business revenue and growth. To make it even easier to get started, we now have a tool so we can help you to migrate your special pricing agreement data from your legacy systems into Enable. This will allow you to see value quickly from our contract support system. If you are interested, please let your Customer Success Manager know.


We’ve continued our drive to accommodate all of our international customers with even more translations for you. We now have Simplified Chinese translations throughout Trading Programs. In addition, our Forecasting module and Executive Summary are now available in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Norwegian (alongside the rest of Enable).

Technical and functional health

We have actioned a suite of improvements to our background processing to deliver meaningful performance improvements for you. These changes have increased the prioritization, robustness, and speed of the processes that import dimension items, assign them to agreements and then calculate the corresponding rebate amounts. We’ve also made significant performance improvements to our multi-value attributes and how rebate assignments and calculations are made.

Previously, you had the option to manually control whether Enable should generate accrual and forecast earnings based on whether you expected to meet any conditions on the agreement. Now, with our new transaction condition forecasting, this process is fully automated.  

Enable now forecasts each of your additional conditions to determine whether accruals and forecasts should be generated, based on whether you’re forecast to meet the condition. If a condition’s forecast amount is greater than or equal to the condition’s target, then the condition won’t block the generation of accrual and forecast earnings. However, if the condition’s forecast is less than its target, then no accrual or forecast earnings will be generated. You will now have one less task as you can let Enable automatically calculate whether your additional conditions have been met - it’s as simple as that!

We’ve also made it easier for you to use our Forecasting module. You can use Enable to automatically replicate your program lines into next year. With this update, all new Program Lines that are created through replicating the previous lines also have their forecast replicated. Speak to your Customer Success Manager if you want to find out how Enable can help you be one step ahead for next year's program negotiation.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a product update every six weeks, we have numerous other new features under development that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, November 3rd. Deployment of this next set of features to your live environment will take place on Saturday, December 10th.

Included in the next update:

  • Performance improvements across Trading Programs and SPAs
  • A suite of user experience improvements to our Partner Dashboard, driven by your feedback

Please do reach out if you’re interested in learning more about any of our new features. If you have any questions about current or future updates, please check out our product roadmap, contact us at, or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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