Turn Rebates into an Engine for Growth

Turn Rebates into an Engine for Growth

Drive trading partner behavior and collaboration while increasing financial outcomes with Enable's rebate management platform.

Drive trading partner behavior and collaboration while increasing financial outcomes with Enable's rebate management platform.

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Trading Programs Overview

Enable maximizes revenue growth and profitability.

Guaranteed RoI*
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Commercial Strategy
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*(over 3 years with business value assessment)
Rebate Management Platform

Improve Financial Outcomes
by Taking Control of Your Rebates


Effectively manage every type of deal from annual rebates to promotions to SPAs and beyond. Track, analyze and optimize the entire rebate management process.



By moving 1 customer alone to Enable, we saved $100k/year because we realized we were paying out on products we shouldn't have been paying for. We had a number of these scenarios that we identified on Enable.”

- Pharmaceuticals Distributor​

The time to value and implementation of Enable was a lot easier than Vistex. Enable is a 3-month set-up vs. 15 months for Vistex.”

- Pharmaceuticals Distributor ​

ROI is in the 6 figures of dollars from recovered rebates. We identified $150 - 200K of rebates to recover with Enable.”

- Plumbing and HVAC Distributor 

In the initial two years, we anticipate eliminating £2 million in rebates that were inefficient and did not yield any tangible benefits due to the Enable platform.”

- Director of Business Development, EMEA 

Previously, our rebate program faced challenges due to disorganized data and a 6–12-week payment timeframe. Now, we've streamlined the process, cutting this down to 4 weeks, improving cashflow.”

- Sales Analyst, North America

Financially, rebates increased from $1.8 million in 2021 to $3.3 million in 2022, with a notable rise in 2023, boosted by revenue from new vendors on the Enable platform.”

- CFO, North America

We expect a remarkable 230% increase in forecasted rebate revenue since partnering with Enable. This significant growth is only the beginning as we are expecting even larger returns next year.”

- Solar Energy Manufacturer

Versus what we paid for Enable, we've seen a 35x return on investment. We have been able to deliver more innovative discounts and ensure we claim cash quicker, which helps us improve cash flow & working capital. ”

- Pharmaceuticals Distributor​

Unleash the Power of Your Rebates With AI

Enable’s easy-to-use, scalable rebate management platform lets you take control of your rebates using AI tools that deliver instant insights and drive commercial success.

Boost Financial Performance

Actionable insights reveal paths to increased margin and sales.

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Drive Better Decision Making

Leverage AI to tailor your data, and create the dashboards and reports your internal and external teams need.

Collaborate with Partners

Improve alignment with your trading partners by tracking progress in one trusted location. 

Seize Every Opportunity

Review your deal performance in real time to drive better outcomes.

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Rebate Types

Annual Rebates

Maximize the strategic potential of your annual rebates with software that gives you full control.

  • Effortlessly capture every detail of your annual rebate program to fuel revenue growth, regardless of its complexity.

  • Utilize enhanced version control tools and leverage the power of AI's natural language search to get instant insights.

  • Exchange data seamlessly, track performance and highlight opportunities to improve your annual rebate programs.

Special Pricing Agreements

Introducing a tailored solution designed to enhance the efficiency and profitability of SPA management:

  • Streamline SPA administration with contract templates and a comprehensive audit trail, minimizing manual effort.

  • Boost your profit margins through precise calculations and detailed agreement reports — powered by AI.

  • Facilitate seamless collaboration and data exchange with your trading partners, simplifying the entire process.


All Your Systems, Integrated

Enable's integration approach ensures the seamless breakdown of silos in your processes, allowing easy connectivity between Enable and your existing IT ecosystem.

  • Consolidate your rebate data from various systems into a single, trusted source, paving the way for informed decisions.

  • Drive operational efficiency by creating automated workflows that are quicker and more streamlined.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks with accurate rebate calculations, allowing you to focus on driving revenue growth.

Dynamics 365.
Kerridge commercial systems.
Dynamics 365.
Kerridge commercial systems.

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The Evolution of Rebate

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Turn Your Rebates into an Engine for Growth