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For finance teams

icon For finance teams
Achieve greater certainty, keeping information on trading agreements accurate and up-to-date at all times.
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For commercial teams

icon For commercial teams
Use Enable to negotiate the best B2B deals, including rebates and special pricing agreements.
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For the C-suite

icon For the C-suite
Ensure you are fully compliant and have transparency of the retrospective income that affects your margins.
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Take control

Take control of your vendor and customer rebate deals — even the most complex ones
Enable drives profitable growth with your trading partners. That’s why we call it the supplier success platform.
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Proven and Trusted

Leading companies worldwide are driving profitable growth with Enable

Case study

“Enable ensures our rebate agreements are centrally recorded. It found missing rebates that we were able to collect. Now, we can spot opportunities and collect rebate on time.”

Barney Craft, Travis Perkins

Clients that use Enable rebate management software

Pets at Home AD Travis Perkins City Plumbing Supplies Grafton Morrison XLVets Unitas Wholesale MKM Building Supplies Wickes SIG Wolseley


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Product development services

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