Automated Accounting for Customer Rebates

Real time data that reduces admin time and avoids nasty surprises when accounting for customer rebates.
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customer rebate accounting

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Rebates, market development funds, special pricing agreements – they’re all designed to boost revenue, but they can be very hard to manage and account for rebates effectively. Enable turns them into a strategic driver of growth for finance teams.

Have full visibility of your rebate programs

Never overpay a rebate again

Always accurate accruals and forecasts

Enable in action: payment allocation report

The payment allocation report gives you an overview of earnings, receipts, adjustments and resulting balance per payment line.
Screenshot of Enable's payment allocation solution.

Enable in action: finance snapshots

Finance snapshots facilitate the export of data to feed your ledgers and records. Each ‘snapshot’ taken is an auditable record of the finance package and can be configured to best suit your needs.

Enable in action: transactions report

Gain visibility of all of your transactions with any supplier. Extract transaction data from any trading program for a specified period of time.

Enable in action: debtors report

Browse and filter a list of trading programs to get a summary of due and overdue rebate, grouped into aged time periods per trading partner per trading program.

Customer rebate accounting has never been easier...

Comprehensive reporting

Get up-to-date reports on actual and forecasted rebate spend

One source of truth

Save time and effort with all your rebate programs in one place

Accurate forecasting and accruals

Plan more effectively with accurate rebate forecasting

Approval workflow

Get rebate agreements approved faster

Robust audit trail

See who took which actions and when

Margin warnings

Spot incorrect selling prices on sales orders as they’re placed, not months later

The introduction of Enable is a big step towards our goal of being a digitally engaged business using the best available technology.

Kevin Betts, Finance Manager
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Enable has catapulted DCS into a league of its own when it comes to rebates, with profitability reporting that ensures complete transparency across the company.

Denys C. Shortt OBE, Founder and CEO
DCS Group (UK) Ltd
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We wanted more information at our fingertips rather than go hunting for it. If we had Enable as soon as the pandemic hit, we could have made quicker informed decisions.

Clare Greensmith, Financial Controller
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