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Tracking performance is key to success

We’ve released a wave of new improvements to Enable this week. You can now allow your collaborators to track the real-time progress of their rebate agreements. Have a look at the executive overview of your rebate performance and share it internally with your stakeholders. Special pricing agreements can be set up to coexist alongside your rebate programs. There is lots more to explore and as with any of our updates, we’ve enhanced system performance.

Alongside our latest software release, you can now get support from Enable 24 hours a day, every single weekday. Our team of experienced Implementation Analysts are ready to tackle any queries that you may have. If you have any questions for us, click here to raise a ticket.

The most recent batch of updates is now available to test in your UAT channel, and deployment to your live channel will take place on Saturday, August 6th. Information about our product update process and a full calendar of deployment dates are available in our Help Center.

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard delivers you or anyone on your executive team insight into rebate opportunities, trading program renewals and trading compliance. The opportunities segment gives you an overview of the program lines that offer the best opportunities and allows you to click into the tables to see more information. The renewals segment gives insight into your expiring trading programs and allows you to easily renew them. You can configure renewal periods, mark programs to be discontinued, and define which programs supersede others.

The compliance segment delivers metrics about rebatable and non-rebatable transactions, the partners you trade with most frequently, and the products that are traded most frequently. This makes it easy to see any of your products that are not currently earning any rebate.

Data integration & cleansing and advanced reporting

Our new data integration & cleansing tool makes it much easier for you to upload data into the system, and we’re coming up with innovative ways to make things even easier. To go beyond mapping and transformation of CSV files, we’re introducing pre-processing that will allow us to handle new file formats and duplicate uploaded files before they are processed (allowing us to import your products and sales, for example ,from a single file that’s sent to us). We can also now flag columns in your uploads that need to be unique, and we will automatically identify and ignore any duplicate information.

In addition to adding flexibility to your data import process, we continue to enhance our advanced reporting feature. In this round of updates, we added a mechanism to allow you to export reports to your own SFTP location. This gives another option besides reading the reports in Enable, downloading the reports, or receiving the reports in an Enable SFTP location. This could help many of you streamline your financial process and unlock Enable’s data insights.

Partner Dashboard for Members

Not only can you use Collaborator to get your agreements signed off by your partners or to allow them to submit data. You can now share the latest status of your programs so that all parties involved in an agreement can be on the same page when it comes to their rebate progress. Any of your trading partners who use Collaborator can now be configured to be able to use Partner Dashboard. When configured, they can click a tile to access their rebate agreements and their progress.

You might notice that this view is similar to your Progress Tracker view, where you can gain visibility of current spending to help optimise your earnings. However, they will only be able to view information that pertains to their own organizations, so there’s no need to worry about your Collaborators seeing anything beyond what they need to know.


As a buying group, it's not only important to make sure you've collected the cash for your rebate earnings, but you also need to track how much each of your members has been paid. To help with this, we’ve updated our Finance module to allow payments to be allocated to indirectly included trading partners. This makes it simple to allocate payments to buying group members independently of their buying group.

If you use indirect rebates, you can now see a new payment granularity option when configuring a program line for included trading partners. When this option is selected, payment lines will be generated for each included trading partner, for each payment frequency period.


Promotions allow you to easily manage lump sum agreements for marketing and promotional events. We’re continuing to add more features and functionality to support a wide variety of use cases and to streamline your use. We’ve added the ability to cancel a locked deal, removing all payment lines and archiving it for future reference and made some improvements to the PDF. Furthermore, you can now preview the approval hierarchy for a deal before starting the workflow process, and you can use our new “On proposal” claim point to start claiming from the start of the approval process.

Special Pricing

Our special pricing functionality makes it easy for you to manage your three-party agreements where manufacturers help distributors sell to end customers. In this update, we’ve made sure that special pricing and rebate agreements can seamlessly coexist. For example, you might have a special pricing agreement and a rebate agreement that involve some of the same products. In such a case, you might want certain transactions to be considered for the special pricing agreement but not for the rebate agreement. To address this situation, you can now configure deductions from trading programs to special pricing agreements and vice versa.


Full language support is now available for our finance module, program line edit functionality, and all of our workflow emails. This includes English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch. But that’s not all: we’ve also added Norwegian language support into Enable, furthering our mission to bring top-tier rebate management to the world at large.

We have also been working hard with our translation partners, in order to ensure that our translations are more natural to native speakers.

Technical Health

We work continuously to monitor and improve system performance, to upgrade to the latest and best frameworks and tools, and to keep our platform secure. We’ve improved Enable’s performance with large volumes of trading partners, making the system more adept at dealing with hundreds of thousands of trading partners. This means you’ll continue to have a smooth experience with reporting, trading programs, and other Enable features, without needing to worry about the potential performance impact of large data loads.

Functional Health

If you have large amounts of receipting data, our bulk payment upload tool is a terrific way to import finance data in an easy-to-follow, efficient format. As a step toward the full automation of payment entry, we’ve made it possible for you to drop a bulk payment upload file to an SFTP location for automatic import. Along with this comes an update to the template to allow you to give a reason code explaining any unallocated or partially allocated payments since otherwise you would need to address this in the UI. Automated emails can be sent to alert you to the success or failure of your automated imports, and previous imports will be available in the UI for your review.

Along with providing more methods to upload payment information, we’ve also improved permission controls so that this task can be shared across your team. Any user with edit access to a trading partner will be able to upload payments for that trading partner. This will allow you to use the bulk upload functionality rather than the UI to record receipts. We’ve also incorporated permissions into the filtering of transaction reports so that you can limit view access to permitted client divisions. For questions about permissions or for help setting them up, please reach out to your Customer Success team.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a product update every six weeks, we have numerous other new features under development that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, August 11th. Deployment of this next set of features to your live environment will take place on Saturday, September 17th.

Included in the next update:

•     Special Pricing claim submissions

•     Payment approval workflow for Promotions

•     Member Dashboard

Please do reach out if you’re interested in learning more about any of our new features. If you have any questions about current or future updates, please check out our product roadmap, contact us at, or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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