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Unlock visibility into your strongest rebate plays and partners with AI-Powered Analytics.

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Action your data, effortlessly.

Not all trading programs and partners have the same potential. The difference? It’s all in the data. Enable’s AI-Powered analytics automatically surfaces the data, insights, and trends you need to future-proof your business.

Improved Decision-Making

Access actionable real-time data and insights directly within your workflow​

Enhanced Productivity

Accelerate next best actions while reducing dependencies on data teams​

Centralized Insights

Identify important trends, correlations, patterns, and anomalies without context switching

Personalized Experiences

Tailor dashboards and reports to match specific needs using role-based access​

Streamlined Collaboration

Seamlessly share reports and dashboards with trading partners for better alignment​

Key Features

AI Search

Translate and gain deeper insights into your data using natural language queries providing you with an accurate, Al-generated responses.

Smart Analysis

Find insights in your data that you might not have found on your own, while also training the solution with these interactions for better results.

Change Analysis

Easily compare two data points in your visualization for change and identify key change drivers from the underlying attribute columns.

Notifications & Scheduling

Receive regular notifications when your performance metric is reached, or schedule notifications for them on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Self-Service Capabilities​

Features & capabilities that allows users to access and analyze data without relying on IT, BI, or data specialists for support.​


Get a no-limit detailed view of a specific datapoint and its underlying data with instead of a general view of your information with just a click.

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