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Annual Rebate


Rebate management is a challenge: data is scattered and disorganized. Time consuming rebate tracking and calculation. Outdated information. Siloed internal and external teams.
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Rebate Management

It’s Time to Take Control of
Your Annual Rebates

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Let Enable automatically track, manage and analyze your rebates in one platform, giving you the transparency and control to maximize their value.

Automate Manual Workflows

Free your business from repetitive tasks, your team can channel their efforts toward more strategic endeavors that truly move the needle.

Eliminate Miscalculations

With the elimination of discrepancies, your financial picture becomes clearer, and the decisions you make are underpinned by trustworthy data.

Minimize Complexity

No matter how complex your rebate programs become, you’re in control of your data, selecting what to share internally and externally.

Rebate Insights 2022

The Annual State of
Volume Rebates for Manufacturers
and Distributors 2022

Our recent State of Volume Rebates report found that 2 in 3 manufacturers offer annual rebate programs to influence long-term behavioral changes, while distributors have rebate programs with 50 of their top 100 manufacturers – representing two-thirds of sales and an incredible 60-100% of net profit.

Rebates Made Easy

Our Rebate Management Platform Features

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Gain a Comprehensive View

Enable brings all your annual rebates into a centralized repository, where you can view, edit and analyze them at your fingertips.

Use Rebates As a Strategy

With a full view of rebate performance and opportunities, transition from being reactive to making strategic, well-informed business decisions

Stronger Internal Alignment

With a single source of truth, every team involved in rebate management can collaborate effectively and work towards a common goal.

Collaborative Partnerships

Invite partners to co-create, negotiate, and execute on your rebate programs, ensuring mutual benefits and data transparency.

Boosting Your Strategy

Which Rebate Type Is Right
for Your Business?

Understand various rebate types, their structure, benefits to your strategy, and how they can strengthen your negotiating position.

Revamp Your Annual Rebates Strategy

It’s time to unleash the untapped potential of your annual rebates with Enable.

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