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Get more out of collaboration with Partner Dashboard

With our latest update, Enable is rolling out the red carpet for better collaboration on trading programs, improved data processes, and enhanced security, all to help our users take full advantage of the tools at their disposal. Both the Partner and Executive Dashboards are being equipped with new tools to help you better facilitate the creation of new trade agreements, and our functional and technical health continues to improve with changes to queue times, filtering capacity, and transaction visibility.

The most recent batch of updates is now available to test in your UAT channel, and deployment to your live channel will take place on Saturday, September 17th. Information about our product update process and a full calendar of deployment dates are available in our Help Center.

Executive Dashboard

Our Executive Dashboard provides a holistic view into all agreements that are configured in your channel. But what if you want to see the dashboard through the lens of specific person in your organization? Well, now you can. We’ve added the ability to filter the contents of the Executive Dashboard to an individual user. Now you can focus on the agreements and data that are directly managed by the selected individual. If you only want to see the renewals breakdown of programs managed by a specific manager within your organization, then you can simply select that manager’s name from the dropdown filter and the dashboard results will be updated in real-time.

Your administrators can now determine permissions for the Executive Dashboard at a more granular level. If you have a user who should have the option to see a full and all-encompassing view of the Executive Dashboard, then you can grant them full access. Users with full access will also have the ability to drill down and filter the dashboard for different users within their organization. For any users who only need to see data associated with trading partners that they are directly managing, then you can grant them individual access to the Executive Dashboard.

Our Executive Dashboard compliance segment gives you further insight into your organization’s purchasing or selling behavior: delivering metrics for rebatable and non-rebatable transactions, the partners you trade with most frequently, and the products most often traded. With our latest update, you can now see your top non-rebatable products and the trading partners with which you have the most non-rebatable transactions. You can use these features to see both the products that you spend the most money on without earning any rebate, as well as the trading partners that you trade with but receive little to no rebate from. We hope that these insights will empower you to negotiate new agreements involving these products or set up new rebate agreements with these trading partners.


We've added several usability improvements to Promotions, our product that lets you quickly and simply manage lump sum agreements for marketing and promotional events. You can now replicate a promotional deal the same way you can replicate trading programs. Additionally, the approval workflow now works in exactly the same way as you're used to in trading programs. We’re also improving the Collaborator experience with your promotions; you can now select multiple collaborators for a promotion.

To better facilitate the flow of Finance, we’ve made it easier for you to authorise payments for promotions once they’ve been created. You can now initiate the authorization for a payment from the Promotions UI, which will let you easily navigate our payment authorization approval workflow.  

Special Pricing

Our special pricing functionality makes it easy for you to maximise the value of your three-party agreements. The process for managing these agreements necessitates the submission of claims from the distributor. Without this sales data being shared with the manufacturer as part of a claim, the manufacturer has no knowledge of the transaction occurring and will not pay any support. A significant problem that we are working to solve is that these claims can be submitted in a wide variety of formats (Excel files, photocopies, etc) and methods (email, portal submissions, posts, etc). This means that there is a difficult and manual process on the Manufacturer’s end to compile the data into a usable format for their processes.  

To reduce the manual administration work required by manufacturers, we are now allowing distributors to submit their claims through our familiar Collaborator transaction import process. Once claims are uploaded, they will automatically feed into your channel’s special pricing calculations. Of course, you can configure approval for submitted transactions, allowing you to review any submissions and choose to approve or reject them before these claims impact any of your calculations.

Typically, special pricing agreements use a granular product hierarchy to let you configure specific discounts tailored to different scenarios. Blanket discounts provided by pricing programs are configured at a less granular level, as there is less variation in the rates used. To handle this use case in Enable, we now allow special pricing agreements and pricing programs to use different aspects of the product hierarchy. You can now configure multiple marketplace attributes and then choose when one should be used for a given agreement.

We know that special pricing moves quickly. Often, you might have multiple versions of an agreement, where each one involves the same people and has the same underpinning goals. It’s important to retain an auditable version history for each so that changes over time can be easily assessed and different iterations of the same agreement can be issued quickly. To support this, we have made versioning your contracts seamless. You can now create a new version of a special pricing contract if you want to amend, extend, or renew it. We’ve defined a user experience workflow for each to make it as quick and easy as possible to create a new version of your special pricing agreements.

Partner Dashboard for Members  

Our Partner Dashboard facilitates the sharing of progress on trading programs between you and your collaborators. For a Buying Group, the dashboard makes it easy to see a single source of truth between the group and its members. You can increase the value you provide to your members by seeing how close they are to rebate thresholds and incentivize their behavior to boost their bottom line.

We recently made it possible for your collaborators to log into our Partner Dashboard to access their rebate agreements and track their progress. With this new update, we’ve made all of the same great insights from our Partner Dashboard available to your buying group members. Each member will only be able to view information that pertains to them, so you can be confident that they will only see what they need to know.

Data Integration & Cleansing and advanced reporting

Our data integration & cleansing product has been simplifying our onboarding process. It supports the mapping and transformation of complex CSV files to get them ready for import into Enable. To increase the flexibility of this service, we’ve expanded the scope of our pre-processing by allowing it to read and manipulate Excel files, in addition to CSVs.

Advanced reporting is a key part of our mission to provide you with the most helpful, up-to-date product insights we can. Right now, you can receive advanced reports through a selection of different delivery types, such as via SFTP. We are also providing enhanced security: users can now encrypt any reports that are generated and sent to an SFTP location.

The flexibility of advanced reports leads to lots of different use-cases. To better handle these, you can run reports at a time that is suited to you and based on conditions that you set – such as after certain earnings are calculated in a day. You can now configure the exact time, in your time zone, that you want a scheduled report to be generated and create customized conditions to determine whether a report should be run. As soon as the report has been completed, you’ll be able to set up a notification or file transfer to save time and resources.

To provide even more flexibility, we have added the ability to make criteria values in advanced reports optional. This will give you much greater control over what you can see from your reports and a single report can now unlock many different insights, based on the selected criteria.

Technical Health & internationalization

We’ve packed in even more translations into Enable with this update. We’re translating the content in Progress Tracker and our Executive Summary feature. We are also are progressing with translations for Forecasting to accommodate our growing internationalization efforts.

We’ve continued our ongoing commitment to performance improvements and have been investigating ways to streamline our queueing mechanism for baseline earnings calculations, so that your earnings are calculated even faster. We’ve also made improvements to the performance of our program list view, which is now live after a successful beta, alongside other iterative performance tweaks throughout the system.  

Functional Health

To make sure that nothing is missed in Progress Tracker, we now always show data, such as group progress, for any program line that you are part of, even if you haven’t contributed any transactions yet. If you have a program line that has just begun and doesn’t yet have any qualifying transactions, it will still be visible in Progress Tracker. As soon as qualified transactions are available, you will be able to track your progress as usual.

Our Finance module is used to allocate received payments or authorise payments. Most of the time, payments are allocated/authorized on a program line level, but sometimes a more granular level is required. To support this, we recently added a new additional payment granularity, especially targeted at our buying group customers. This will make it simple to allocate payments to buying group members, where payments need to be made against indirectly included trading partners. We enhanced this functionality further so that payment information from buying group members is now also included in our Finance Snapshots. You’ll be able to see the payments to make or that have been received for each buying group members within Snapshots.

Enable captures a clear audit trail when users perform actions. Changes to additional conditions can change a program line’s earnings and we want to make sure you have clear visibility of these changes. To support this, we’ve added additional condition activity logging to support the newer addition conditional functionalities (e.g., pass rates, per individual conditions etc.). You can now use this to see activity relating to additional conditions and make sure that actions taken line up with your expectations.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a product update every six weeks, we have numerous other new features under development that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, September 22nd. Deployment of this next set of features to your live environment will take place on Saturday, October 29th.

Included in the next update:

  • Progress Tracker filters for individual dimensions so that you can compare the impact of potential purchases or sales across relevant trading partners
  • Ad-hoc delivery of advanced reports to your SFTP location
  • Performance improvements for calculation processing

Please do reach out if you’re interested in learning more about any of our new features. If you have any questions about current or future updates, please check out our product roadmap, contact us at, or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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