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Overcoming the Misalignment Driving Friction Between Supply Chain Partners 

Overcoming the Misalignment Driving Friction Between Supply Chain Partners 

Are trading partners collaborating effectively? Are they working together to reduce siloes, friction and misalignment? Enable finds out.
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Your Ultimate Rebate Handbook: Understanding and Choosing the Right Type of Rebate

In this eBook, we’re diving into the world of rebate programs to explore the multitude of goals they can help businesses achieve.

Optimizing Rebate Management: Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance through Accounting Best Practices and Automation 

Download this technical white paper written by Mark Gilham, Evangelist at Enable to take the first step to improving your rebate accounting.

Mastering Cross-functional Collaboration

Download to gain a better understanding of how to make a meaningful improvement in the way your teams collaborate with each other.

5 Proven Ways Rebate Strategists Can Drive Business Value 

Rebates are powerful tools for driving behaviors already, but in the hands of a capable rebate strategist, their potential is supercharged.

Gartner: Meet Sourcing and Procurement Expectations for Net Spend Rebates as a Tech CEO

Download the Gartner report for insights into when to offer or not to offer a rebate program.

The State of Special Pricing Agreements: Opportunities in Efficiency, Administration and Analytics

In this report, we will analyze data from distributors, manufacturers and retailers regarding their use of SPAs.

A Guide to Standardizing Your Data and Deal Terms

Rebate teams often find themselves stuck in a loop of repetitive, low-value work, which includes manually duplicating rebate agreements.

The Lifecycle of a Special Pricing Agreement (SPA)

In this eBook, we’ll take you on a step-by-step journey through SPAs to show you how they work at every stage of the deal.


Replacing Your Legacy System with a Cloud-Based Rebate Management Platform

This white paper will explore the benefits of replacing your legacy system with a cloud-based rebate management platform.


Overcoming the Misalignment Driving Friction Between Supply Chain Partners 

Are trading partners collaborating effectively? Are they working together to reduce siloes, friction and misalignment? Enable finds out.


Eliminating Barriers Between Trading Partners

In this white paper, we’ll be exploring some of the most common barriers that hold trading relationships back.


How Do Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) Benefit Distributors?

In this white paper, we’re clearing the air around SPAs: what they are, how they work and most importantly, how they benefit distributors.


How Do Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) Benefit Manufacturers?

Before you can start benefitting from SPAs, let’s clear up some confusion: just what are they, and how do manufacturers benefit?


Enhancing Visibility Between Buying Group Members

Buying group members need to have visibility across the supply chain. We discuss how this is possible.


The Benefits of Rebates for Distributors

In this eBook, we’ll be taking a closer look at how rebates benefit distributors.


Driving Loyalty & Revenue with Rebates

Interested in learning more about how rebates can boost your revenue and drive loyalty? Download our white paper today.


The Importance of Rebate Strategy for Manufacturers

We explain the key reasons why manufacturers need a rebate strategy.


Rebate Management Bootcamp: The Basics of Rebates

We talk about the history of rebates, who uses them and why. Plus, the different types of rebate programs and their benefits


Rebate Strategist University: An Overview

In this white paper, we’ll take you from rebate manager to rebate strategist, step-by-step.


Aligning to Partner Goals

How much do you know about your trading partners goals? We show you how to be more aligned.


From Accruals to Volume Rebates: A Basic Dictionary for Rebate Managers

Here, you’ll find the definitions for a bunch of finance terms more generally and also rebate-specific terminology.


Managing Relationships While Growing Your Business with Commissions

In this white paper, we reveal everything you need to know to manage commissions more efficiently.

Rebate Management

Rebate Management Basics: Understanding Which Incentive Type is Right for Your Business

Understand different types of rebate incentives and get a better understanding of what works best for your business.

Rebate Management Basics: The Fundamentals of Special Pricing Agreements

Discover why you should implement SPAs or how to streamline your current SPA processes.


The Annual State of Volume Rebates for Manufacturers 2022

How volume rebates are used by manufacturers to support the supply chain.


The Annual State of Volume Rebates for Distributors 2022

How volume rebates are used by distributors to support the supply chain.


The Future of Trading Is Collaborative

Although some businesses work collaboratively with their trading partners, many remain unsure of what the concept is. This eBook explains.


Driving Efficiency and Growth with Rebate Management

In this white paper, we’ll dive into how a good rebate management strategy can drive greater efficiency and even growth for your business.


Best Friends Forever: Why It's Time to Rethink Your Supply Chain Relationships

5 ways to build a healthy supply chain for success in a volatile and unpredictable world


8 Rebate Strategies to Maximize Margin Across the Supply Chain

In this white paper, we discuss 8 rebate strategies you can use to maximize your profit margins.


Making the Business Case for Rebate Management Software: Calculating Your ROI

In this white paper, we’ll show you how to build a business case for rebate management software.


From Rebate Manager to Rebate Strategist

How to turn rebates into a strategic engine of growth for your business.


Harvard Business Review Analytic Services: The Evolution of Rebate Management

We sponsored a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services paper to explore the top trends shaping the rebate management landscape.


The Rise of the Rebate Professionals

Ambitious rebate analysts and rebate accountants are redefining their roles—to supercharge their careers, and help their companies thrive.
Join experts in our exclusive rebate community to discuss real-world problems, solutions and insights.
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