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Welcome to the Enable API Guide

The Enable API puts more power in your hands, providing a simple interface through which to retrieve data and perform operations. Enable functionality is exposed using the JSON:API standard, allowing for easy, platform agnostic integration with any of your existing systems or services.


The API follows RESTful guidelines, using standard HTTP features, such as HTTP verbs. All operations can be accessed from the base URL. All API responses are returned as JSON, providing URL links to related entities. HTTP response codes are used to indicate API errors.

In order to access the API, you must be authenticated. Authentication is provided through the OAuth 2.0 standard, using JWT. For more information on authentication, please read our Authentication section.

Hint - example code

We recommend using API tool Postman to get started with our API. Throughout our guide, we provide example code using cURL syntax, which can be imported into Postman so that you can try out our examples with ease. Postman can then generate sample code from your request in the language of your choice - allowing you to get started in C#, Java, PHP and others in no time.

Please note that where our examples provide a partial JSON Web Token (JWT), for example eyJhbGciOiJIUzl1..., this should be replaced with the full access token value retrieved from the oauth2/token endpoint (see: Authentication).

Getting started

Want to get started with the Enable API now? Please visit our Quick start guide and then the Authentication, Data structure and Versioning guides which provide further technical detail.

Once you are ready to try it out, visit our API reference to work with the specific data you need.

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