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Transform your Rebate Marketing Program

Easily maximize the impact your rebates and incentives have on sales performance with a rebate marketing program.
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You spend more time trying to keep on top of all your rebates and incentives than maximizing them - missing critical earnings and deal opportunities. Enable gives you the tools you need to make better deals and drive customer behaviour with customer rebate marketing.

Create competitive profitable incentives

Gain full visibility of your rebate programs

Avoid friction over rebate claims

Go to market stronger together

Accrue and forecast rebate accurately

Enable in action: executive summary

Easily present summarized information to senior-level deal approvers with the Executive Summary template for approval workflow.

Enable in action: rebate forecasting

Estimate future rebate payments. Enable forecasts the total spend of the program line and then calculates payments based on that forecasted spend.

Enable in action: progress tracker

Keep track of the progress made toward ongoing deals, with visibility of current spending to help you optimize potential earnings.

Enable in action: trading programs search

Use the Search functionality in Trading Programs to search all of your rebate agreements to find the trading programs you want to view.

What you get with Enable

One source of truth

Save time and effort – and reduce miscommunication – with all your rebate marketing programs in one place

Collaboration portal

Work with internal colleagues and customers to review, discuss and sign off on rebate marketing programs

Automatic accruals

Know where you stand at all times with automated rebate payment accruals

Real time reporting

Easily review rebate performance of each customer program
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Enable was perfect because it can deal with our complex product and customer hierarchies. If we stuck with a manual solution, it would make my job 10 times longer than it currently is!

Kerry Camp, Credit Manager
See what else Balford has achieved with Enable

When we started using Enable, it kicked back a bunch of duplicate lines. We were looking at files with 5,000 lines, it’s not easy to see that. Overall, we found $35k in overpayments to a customer.

Colleen Kennedy, Marketing Analyst
See what else Stemco has achieved with Enable

The ability to view all sales from the beginning to the end of the supply chain process is critical for us. Enable has made that process much more accessible and significantly simpler.

Jon Samuel, Commercial Manager
MKM Building Supplies Ltd.
See what else MKM has achieved with Enable

ERP vendors said they could handle our rebates, but upon our evaluation they were not capable of the level of granularity we needed. Enable was the only vendor that could deal with our complexity.

Bob Gay, Rebate and Incentive Program Specialist
Advance Auto Parts
See what else Advance Auto Parts has achieved with Enable

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