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Complement your software needs with tailored, strategic rebate guidance offered by our internal experts.

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Bespoke Rebate Advisory Services For Your Business

From revenue to retention, we can help you achieve your company’s goals.

Rebate Strategy Launchpad

Advice tailored to your business on
building an effective rebate strategy.

Rebate Health Check

Identify growth opportunities through a complete evaluation of your company's rebate programs.

Commercial Strategy Guidance

Assess your organization’s commercial strategy from pricing, procurement, and incentives to offer solutions for scale.

Rebate Strategy Workshop

Dedicated rebate strategy session guides your program from vision through implementation.


We're honored to receive many global awards that recognize our impact on rebate management.

Expertise For Every Stage of the Rebate Journey

Our rebate strategy experts knows what it takes to scale businesses and build best-in-class rebate models and reports.

Mark Gilham

VP of Rebate Strategy & Evangelist | Enable

Mark Gilham’s career in finance commenced at renowned institutions such as Barclays Bank and Royal Bank of Canada, where he achieved his qualification as a chartered accountant. His professional journey led him through significant finance roles across various industries, enriching his experience and perspective. This extensive experience has given him a nuanced perspective on the strategic importance of not only rebates but also other commerical disciplines such as pricing, procurement, and technology adoption in diverse business environments.

Mark has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to Rebates and SPAs. Mark has been fully immersed in this, on a global scale, so he has great insights into different types of rebates, and which might be the best in a given situation. I also find he has the ability to take his knowledge, and explain it in a very clear, actionable way, that can be easily understood."
headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Andrew Yull

Director of Procurement | Johnstone Supply

At Scandinavian Home Products we made the decision to shift from offering discounts to providing rebates. Although we had the system in place, we also needed guidance on implementing our new approach. I met Mark Gilham at an
event and subsequently had two advisory sessions with him. Mark has been instrumental in assisting us to craft win-win rebate agreements."
headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Jon M. Soløy


Mark's recommendations on rebate management best practices made an immediate impact and continue to be an essential anchor as we work on improving our operational accuracy, efficiency and ultimately profitability. It was a pleasure working with Mark and I'd recommend him to any business looking to enhance their rebate operations."
headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Chris Cottington

Operational Design Director

Do You Control Your Rebates,
or Do They Control You?

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  • How much does this cost?

    For a virtual or in-person session with Mark Gilham and deliverable of recommendations: ​
    North America Daily Rate: $2,500 (plus any travel expenses)
    United Kingdom Daily Rate: £2,500 (plus any travel expenses)

  • Does this replace support from the Enable team?

    No, this is an additional service that is offered by Enable outside of our Implementation team.

  • What does the Enable Advisory team specialize in?

    The Enable Advisory team focuses on your organization's vision and goals then outlines actionable tactics you can implement to achieve them.

  • What size of company do you typically work with?

    We work with companies of all sizes. As long as you work with rebates, we can help you.

  • What does implementation of Enable Advisory look like?

    The process is quick and easy. Book time with our expert and they will work with you to determine the best course of action.

  • What if I don’t use the Enable software yet?

    That's no problem. You're in luck as Enable Advisory has a wide range of service options for organizations that haven't implemented or are considering to
    implement Enable.

  • How long is an Enable Advisory engagement?

    An engagement can last for as long as you need it to be. We offer multiple services to cater to your specific needs.

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