Commission Management Software for Manufacturer Rep Agencies

Strategically manage your commissions to grow with your manufacturing rep agencies
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Grow Market Share Through Commissions

Rep agencies are the face of the manufacturers in local market territories. The local representation is critical to a manufacturer’s success and brand awareness.  Rep agencies understand that for them to be successful, the manufacturers they serve need to be successful too. They are rewarded for their efforts based on sales volume performance. The more they sell the more they earn. Manufacturers need a way to keep on top of the sales and commissions earned. Enable commissions management software is the answer.

One Platform For Commission Management

Central Deal Repository

Enable keeps all your contract documentation in one place, so it’s easy to see the terms that have been agreed.

Accurate Calculations

Enable imports sales data directly from your ERP, so you can easily and accurately calculate what commissions to pay out to your manufacturer rep agencies.

Progress Tracker

View the performance and progress of your manufacturer reps so you know you’re always paying them right.

Why choose our commission management software?

More cost effective

A rep agency is the marketing arm of the manufacturer. Manufacturers engage rep agency services to bring awareness to the products they produce. This contract is a more cost-effective way to brand their name and products without deploying an internal marketing department.

best commission management software

Know What's Been Agreed

Before working with a new manufacturer rep agency, an agreement will be agreed and signed by both parties which outlines the terms of this new working partnership. This can all be done through Enable’s collaboration portal.

best commission management software

Increase Your Sales

By paying commissions to your manufacturer rep agency, you can proactively incentivize sales and purchasing behaviors that help you grow your business. Enable commission management software gives you full control and insights to maximize their value.

best commission management software

Competitive Advantage

In a marketplace crowded with competitors, utilizing a manufacturer rep agency gives you more focused coverage into the market to gain strategic knowledge of what works best for your customers.

best commission management software

Ensure Accurate Payments

Commission management often takes place using spreadsheets, creating a ton of admin work that is prone to error, leaving room for disputes. Enable automates the process, freeing up your time and ensuring accuracy.

best commission management software

Drive Customer Loyalty

Manufacturers’ rep agencies often come with existing long-term relationships with your end-buyer, thus cementing the customer relationship which will help drive customer loyalty over the long term. These relationships are critical to sustain. Enable provides the insights to nourish these relationships.

best commission management software

Learn More About Managing your Commissions with Enable

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