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Versioning Strategy

The Enable API uses URL versioning, prepending the version of the API in the URL, e.g. This is done to ensure that any breaking changes to the data returned by the API or its structure, do not negatively impact any client code.

If a breaking change is introduced, it will be available in a different version of the API. The version segment of the URL must always be included, there is no fallback - failing to include it will result in a 404 not found error.

Non-Breaking Changes

New endpoints or fields in data structures may be added as the API evolves. These changes will not require a version change. Your client must be resilient to these types of changes.

Breaking Changes

If any of the following occurs, the API version will change, moving up in major versions e.g. if on v1, a v2 will be added.

Entity Changes

Data structures that the API uses to return data and data structures that are sent to the API may be changed in the future. These changes may include renaming or removing fields or changing the type of a field e.g. converting a field from a single value to an array.

Resource Path Changes

The resource paths or the parameters they expect may change in the future.

HTTP Verb/Response Code Changes

The HTTP verbs e.g. GET or PUSH may be changed. HTTP response codes may also change in the future.

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