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Simplify Special Pricing


Upgrade from spreadsheets and limited ERPs so you can focus on what matters: optimizing performance and winning more deals.
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One Platform to Manage SPAs Better

Centralize Agreement Management

Create and manage SPAs of any level of complexity from a single repository.

Single Platform Collaboration

Seamlessly exchange pricing, transaction and claims data from one source of truth.

Automate Manual Processes

Automated calculations and reporting drive efficiency and improve SPA performance.

For Manufacturers

Manage special pricing agreements with zero frustration, leaving your team to focus on adding value.

  • Improve performance. Leverage reports to gain insight into sales and increase profitability.

  • Eliminate overpayments. Standardize and verify claims through our online portal.

  • Minimize repetitive work. Create new agreements from pre-defined templates. Easily select the correct products and utilize accurate pricing.

For Distributors

With the most time-consuming processes automated, it’s no longer a struggle to maintain thousands of special pricing agreements per month.

  • Streamline operations. Simplify daily processes through a centralized hub. Standardize claim submission.

  • Minimize effort, maximize earnings. Collect rebate claims effortlessly. Reduce data issues and manual calculations.

  • Grow profits. Uncover areas of improvement. Drive more incremental growth.

Product Features

Built to streamline agreement management

Agreement Migration

Easily import all historic and existing SPAs into Enable.

Agreement Repository

Manage contracts from a central repository with a clear audit trail.

Agreement Templates

Standardize and templatize agreements to save time.

Collaborator Portal

Exchange critical data and view contract details.

Automated Calculations

Automatically calculate claims based on contract specifications and transaction data.


Dashboards and reports deliver key insights on agreement performance.

With Enable's Solution, Unirac Save's Valuable Hours

“I'm particularly thrilled about Enable's pricing verification feature, as it directly addresses our most significant pain point. Currently, a substantial amount of time is devoted to manual verification, which can be arduous. With Enable's solution, we can save valuable hours by automating the process and efficiently identify instances of overpayments or underpayments.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Mehreen Ahmed

Senior Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Analyst, UNIRAC

“In the past, it used to consume a significant amount of my time, roughly two days, to calculate and report on our SPAs. The introduction of Enable has the potential to cut the time required by 50%, possibly saving an entire day's worth of work. With Enable, the calculations are readily available, making the process as simple as running a report, thereby greatly improving SPA efficiency.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Sally Jasper

Group Rebates Co-ordinator, MKM Building Supplies

“I am enthusiastic about transitioning to the SPA platform as it promises to significantly streamline our manual workload. Although there is still some data uploading involved and areas such as dashboards that we aim to enhance further, we have made substantial progress from a previously challenging system to an improved one. Previously, it would typically take us around 14 days to calculate our rebates and close the month. Currently, we have reduced that timeline to under five days, and I anticipate further reduction once the SPA module is fully set up.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Wes Dittmer

CFO | Hantover

Start Optimizing Your
Special Pricing Agreements

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