Special Pricing Agreements and Contract Support

Manage all of your SPAs in one place for faster and easier negotiation and rapid, accurate claimback.

Maximize the value of SPAs and contract support

A special pricing agreement is a one-time retrospective discount used by a manufacturer to help a distributor close a deal with a specific customer. Also known as contract support, claimbacks, deviations, ship-and-debit, and sales rebates, they can be a powerful way to win business and grow together.

The problem: SPAs are hard to manage as a strategic tool. They can get lost or overlooked, they fall between the cracks of Finance, Sales and Purchasing, and they quickly get overwhelming to manage on spreadsheets.

Enable solves these problems with a dedicated rebate management platform that’s geared for collaboration between manufacturers and distributors. With specialist functionality for managing, tracking, claiming and analyzing SPAs, Enable lets you turn special pricing agreements into a driver of business and revenue growth.

One place to manage all your trading programs

Collaborative platform

Work together with your trading partners to define, review and sign off on SPAs – with automated workflows to speed up the process.

Centralised deal repository

Get everyone collaborating around the same SPA data, so the financial impact is clear and claimbacks are fast and dispute-free.

Automated calculations

No more trying to manage SPA claims or payments in spreadsheets. Enable automatically calculates the amount owed, saving time and reducing risk.

Why Enable for special pricing agreements and contract support?

Use SPAs to drive growth

Special pricing agreements can be a powerful way to gain entry into an attractive project or secure a valuable customer. Enable lets you manage them strategically and collaboratively as a tool to drive growth.

spas special pricing agreements

Close SPA deals faster

SPAs often take a long time to negotiate, by which time the opportunity may have been lost. With Enable, all parties can collaborate in one portal to define and sign off on an agreement faster than the competition.

spas special pricing agreements

Claim accurately and promptly

For distributors with thousands of deals to manage, it’s easy for an individual SPA to fall off the radar. Enable keeps track of all your SPAs centrally and calculates the discount for you – so you always claim exactly what you’re owed.

spas special pricing agreements

Grow your business together without friction

With Enable, you and your trading partners have the same view of a SPA or contract support agreement, so there’s no disputes over what was agreed. Instead, you can work together to create compelling deals for customers.

spas special pricing agreements

Manage SPAs for margin protection

Special pricing agreements are a great tool for sales and revenue growth, but they also need to protect margin. Enable lets you track and analyze the value of your SPAs over time to ensure they’re profitable for your business.

spas special pricing agreements

Learn more about managing SPAs with Enable

Get in touch to learn more about how Enable’s dedicated rebate management software handles sales rebates, contract support, claimbacks, ship and debit, and other forms of special pricing agreement: hello@enable.com

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