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Transformative features and advanced enhancements

We're beyond excited to share some fantastic updates and additions to our platform with you. Our team has been working round the clock to make sure your experience with Enable is nothing short of amazing. These updates are in your UAT channels now and will go to Live channels on May 13th, 2023.

SPA customizable tags: enhanced organization and efficiency

Our Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) section has received many new features and enhancements designed to make your life easier and your pricing agreements more effective. Firstly, users can now save customizable tags against a SPA. These tags make it easier to view and filter SPAs when downloading them from the support report. This added functionality provides better organization and efficiency when managing your SPAs.

Quantity limits and price difference support: tailored to your contract structures

To accommodate customers with specific contract structures, we've introduced quantity limits for products on SPAs. This feature allows users to add caps to support amounts to ensure claims do not exceed your specified amounts. We've also added a new Price Difference support mechanism that calculates support based on a product's price difference between two price lists (Price List A - Price List B). This feature caters to customers who calculate support using this method, streamlining the process and enhancing overall efficiency.

No CPC enrollment and single SPA matching: simplifying SPA creation

A piece of feedback that we received was that some of you wanted to create SPAs without a specific end customer, so we've made it possible for you to skip the CPC (Customer Pricing Contracts) enrollment process. This will speed up SPA creation, provide distributors with flexibility, and simplify the overall workflow. To prevent over-inflated support figures, we've made it possible to match a submitted transaction to just one SPA. This new feature ensures that a transaction doesn't match multiple SPAs, keeping your support numbers accurate and reliable.

Improved visibility and streamlined transaction imports

Additionally, we've improved visibility within trading relationships and streamlined the transaction import process by surfacing relevant end-customer data and price lists for SPA collaborators on the Partner data page.

Auto-generated trading partners and contract import tool

For end-customer Trading Partners that aren't configured and are part of "any end customer" SPAs, we've added a feature that auto-generates Trading Partners. This capability accommodates manufacturers who may not know the specific Trading Partners their distributors sell to, allowing the "Any end customer" transaction column to accept any end customer name inputted.

Lastly, we've created a Contract Import Tool. This improvement allows you to bulk import DSCs, CPCs, and SPAs. In addition to this, we’ve created a new template called “Fully Qualified SPA” that allows you to upload all of the relevant data in one single file to streamline the SPA creation process.

These numerous updates to the Special Pricing Agreements section are designed to enhance your experience, improve efficiency, and make managing your pricing agreements even more seamless than before. We can't wait for you to try out these new features and experience the difference for yourself!

Collaborator conversion: A warm welcome

We understand the importance of first impressions, which is why we've revamped the invitation email design sent to first-time Collaborator users. This new design aims to create a more inviting and engaging experience for new collaborators right from the start.

For those of you using separate targets and earnings, we're thrilled to announce full support for Separate Target and Earnings functionality in the Partner Dashboard and Progress Tracker. This enhancement ensures that those of you using STAE functionality will experience a more seamless and valuable experience from the very beginning by creating separate target and earning program lines with both discounts and deductions. These can now be set up with group, individual or both targets.

Executive dashboard: clarity and convenience

Navigating data has never been easier, thanks to the redesigned Executive Dashboard header. It now allows you to more clearly identify the data you're looking at. There is also a new Configure view button and side panel which creates space to add more filters in the future and also allows for filters to be more clearly labelled with which parts of the dashboard they affect.

Functional health: save time and effort with program replication

We know that time is money, and that's why we're introducing a new feature that allows you to replicate your proposal trading programs. You now have the ability to select up to 10 trading partners and replicate the trading program with all of them. This will replicate all the trading program lines with all the basic and complex details included. This capability eliminates the need for manual replication, saving you valuable time and effort when setting up similar programs across different partners.

Partner dashboard and PROS integration: turbocharged performance

We've taken performance to new heights by optimizing our PROS integration. We've made changes to how it asks for information, combined some requests to use the same data, and smoothed out some earlier steps. As a result, we have reduced execution times of predicted earning queries by up to 40x! Get ready for a super quick experience.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release product updates on a regular cadence, we have numerous other new features under development that will be ready for you to view in your UAT environment on May 19th, 2023. Deployment of this next set of features to your live environment will take place on June 24th, 2023.

Included in the next update we are looking to add:

  • Inclusion of OR selection logic across dimension attributes
  • A new SPA Detail report is coming that will show SPAs and their products, prices, support mechanisms, and net support price.
  • Enhancements to our Automated Imports

Please do reach out if you’re interested in learning more about any of our new features. If you have any questions about current or future updates contact us at, or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions, you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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