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Managing your trading partners

Only those users with access to the admin area of Trading Programs are able to manage trading partners in Trading Programs by clicking on Config at the top of the page and on Structure in the drop-down menu.

This will take you initially to the Dimensions page. You will then need to click on the trading partners tab near the top of the screen (this label will be dependent on what you name your trading partners, e.g. ‘Suppliers’ or ‘Customers’). You will be presented with the Maintain list page displaying a list of your existing trading partners.

On the Maintain list page (as shown below), you will be able to manually add, update and delete trading partners.


You will also have access to the Configure collection page (as shown in the screenshot below). Clicking on this tab will then allow you to individually allocate your trading partners to a collection. Bulk allocations will be done on the Maintain list page.


Please raise a ticket in our Support Hub if you would like any changes to your configuration.

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