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Streamline Your Finance Operations, Partner Collaboration and Contract Management

Here at Enable, our unwavering commitment revolves around enhancing our product to align with the evolving demands and requirements of your business. Our team continues to diligently work on developing new features and enhancements aimed at enabling you to streamline your process and optimize your finance operations and efficiency. Below are updates as of September 16, 2023:

Trading Programs Enhancements, Upgrades & Bug Fixes

New Feature: Cash Allocation Against Unlocked Trading Programs

Great news for finance teams - a new feature that enables cash allocation against unlocked trading programs is now available. This addition eliminates manual work, facilitating correct payment allocation with editing flexibility and accurate reporting. Now, when dealing with trading programs, particularly those being unlocked and edited, you have more flexibility and efficiency at your fingertips. Access the enhanced feature now and discover a smoother, error-free payment allocation process.

Reconciliation Performance

For Enterprise and Strategic Enterprise customers, the reconciliation performance improvements significantly reduce reconciliation time, allowing for quicker and more timely completion of calculations for larger data sets. Our enhancements have led to a 25% reduction in reconciliation time. Imagine the positive impact on your workflow and overall productivity! Stay tuned as we continue with further testing coverage and performance enhancements.

Sorting Payment Lines in the Finance App

The volume of program lines and varying payment granularities can result in a maze of payment lines. When it's time to allocate receipts and payments, finding the right line becomes a tricky task. Sorting payment lines is a simple yet powerful enhancement designed to make your life easier. No more endless scrolling or searching for elusive payment lines! The ability to arrange payment lines in various numeric columns saves time and adds to your convenience. Don't let payment lines be a source of stress – take charge and experience the ease of sorting.

Payment Lines Illustration

Partner Dashboard Updates


In the diverse landscape of business, one size doesn't fit all, and neither should your Partner Dashboard. We understand that you want flexibility. The customization function allows you to display information tailored to individual preferences and needs. Your Customer Success team can customize the Partner Dashboard on a per-channel basis by:

  • Hiding or replacing opportunity scores with growth baselines, putting the metrics that matter most at the forefront.
  • Streamlining your view by hiding the rebate column, prioritizing what's essential for your business objectives.
  • Keeping a close eye on rebate transactions with the revamped display in the transactions headline tile, providing quick insights at a glance.
  • Hiding the member dimension from the dimensions filter, ensuring a cleaner, focused view.

Don't settle for generic dashboards – seize the opportunity to customize and amplify your Partner Dashboard experience.

Swedish Language Support

We believe in empowering you with choices that enhance your experience. The integration of the Swedish language option enables catering to our Swedish customers and those engaging with Swedish trading partners. Language should never be a barrier to a positive experience. Immerse yourself in a Swedish-friendly interface, where Enable speaks your language effortlessly.

Currency Filter

If you are using Partner Dashboard and working across currencies, we have a significant upgrade for you. Enter the currency filter for the standard partner collaborator version – a game-changer designed to seamlessly align with your diverse currency needs. The currency filter brings parity across all versions of Partner Dashboard. Discover a unified currency experience today!

Partner Dashboard

Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) Improvements & Upgrades

Support Report

The support report has undergone substantial enhancements to provide you with an even more comprehensive and transparent overview. Notable upgrades include the incorporation of transaction reference columns, augmenting data visibility and ensuring you have all necessary transaction details for more informed decision-making. New metrics such as average price per unit and actual support per unit further elevates transparency, enabling a clearer understanding of costs and revenues. Additionally, the inclusion of supplementary fields for narrowing down SPAs and currency data are now available to help refine results precisely, minimizing unnecessary data clutter for a more efficient analysis.

Details Report

We've introduced rebate columns to the details report, ushering in a new era of clarity and precision in profit analysis. This ensures a transparent and positive approach to understanding profitability. You can now add program lines with your chosen mechanism, providing a clear snapshot of net rebate and support prices without any ambiguity. And, no more navigating through multiple steps – now, you can download SPAs report directly from the details tab. You can now save valuable time when sharing agreement information in CSV format with your trading partners.

PDF Improvements

We've enhanced the readability of PDFs. In the past, when individual products were chosen, they were presented in paragraph form. Now, with the new format, individual products selected on a SPA are displayed line-by-line in the PDF, improving readability for effective communication with your trading partners. Additionally, there is now an end-customer PDF version - this feature allows you to effortlessly view and download a PDF tailored to contain only information relevant to end-customers. Feel confident in sharing PDFs with your end-customers, knowing that distributor information remains secure, promoting trust and transparency.

Special pricing agreement PDF
Enhanced SPA PDF


Previously, adjusting approved contracts with multiple end-customers posed certain complexities. Now, you can renew, split, or version contracts effortlessly. Enforcing the specification of product-level start and end dates in SPA contracts enhances precision and eliminates any ambiguity in the approval process. The prior setup assumed dates for products, leading to potential inaccuracies. In addition, you now have the flexibility of setting group and category level start and end dates, enabling you to create contracts that align with your diverse product groupings. Take advantage of the accuracy in support calculations with the new active price list at time of claim option. This ensures that support calculations reflect the most current price list at the moment of transaction upload, providing accuracy for all mechanisms utilizing a price list.

Contract Import

Say goodbye to manual deletions! The new option to delete SPA entities in bulk is currently only available to Enable employees who are platform admins, particularly during channel setup. This includes templates, pricing programs, distributor and customer pricing contracts, and special pricing agreements – whether in draft or approved status. If you have multiple entities to delete, please reach out to your Customer Success team.

Numerous SPA updates have been implemented. Log in to explore them all and enhance your SPA process.

Discover More in Your Live Channel

In essence, these upgrades are not just updates; they are a testament to our commitment to your success. Optimize your workflow, enhance collaboration, and elevate your overall efficiency with Enable. We invite you to explore these features, customize your experience, and embrace a future where your financial processes are smoother, more transparent, and more powerful than ever before. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to hearing about the positive impact these enhancements bring to your business. Experience these features and changes within your live channel.


Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about any of our new features. If you have any questions send us an email or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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