PROS & Enable: Delivering a complete end-to-end pricing and rebate solution

PROS & Enable: Delivering a complete end-to-end pricing and rebate solution

One thing we’re all about here at Enable? Eliminating complexity and manual effort. We want users of our Rebate Cloud to have full insight and transparency into the agreements and status of their rebates.

So when we started to work with PROS on combining our rebate and promotions with their instant, personalized pricing, well, things got interesting.

Today, we’re excited to announce that PROS and Enable are working together to deliver rebates and promotions at the time of a sales quote. This means more elimination of the manual rebate management and replaces it with automated calculations, workflows, and approval alignment across pricing, finance, and sales teams. In short, this means you can improve the performance of deals across all sales channels.

And it’s all delivered fully end-to-end.

PROS and Enable looked deep within their own respective set of features and realized to truly live up to the term ‘end-to-end’, we didn’t want to just make the claim, but we wanted to clearly define it.  As a result, we partnered to set a new standard in the delivery of pricing and rebates. The end-to-end solution extends our platform capabilities and further fuels the digital selling experiences B2B organizations seek to deliver to customers while maximizing revenue and profitability.

Key words: “Extending Capabilities”

Not only did PROS and Enable realize the value of their own respective products, but they realized that they can compound their market value by “extending” and incorporating industry-leading Smart Price Optimization and Management and Smart Configure Price Quote “capabilities “ – with Enable’s rebate management capabilities.

This eliminates manual rebate management processes and replaces them with automated calculations, workflows and approval alignment across pricing, finance and sales teams to help improve the performance of deals across all sales channels.

What does this all mean?

Sales teams can now deliver faster and more precise quotes to their customers while ensuring those quotes align to predefined commercial KPIs. Customers gain complete visibility and understanding on how their rebate programs are performing and what improvements must be made to further maximize results. 

Rebates area critical and prevalent strategy used to increase sales by driving behavior and incentivizing timely orders. Savvy sellers seek to deliver winning offers that incorporate off-invoice rebate incentives and agreement terms at the time of quote generation, dynamically calculating margins to ensure the most competitive and profitable sale.

Now you see what we mean when we say, ‘Complete end-to-end Solution’

Many SaaS organizations make the claim. PROS and Enable can not only make the claim but they can validate it. The combined solution provides an end-to-end pricing and rebate solution for B2B organization looking to thrive in an industry ecosystem that drives profitable outcomes, delights customers and partners, and breeds customer loyalty over the long term.

This is what a ‘complete end-to-end solution’ looks like!

Reggie Waterman

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