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New Upgrades and Innovative Features: Single-Day Program and SPA Workflow

Are you ready for the next level in rebate management? We're all about enhancing your experience, and this release is no exception. The latest upgrades are designed to take comprehensiveness, collaboration, and control to new heights. Let's dive into the exciting features that will help redefine how you manage rebates.

Trading Programs

NEW Feature: Single-Day Program Lines

Thinking about launching a single-day incentive program soon? No worries — set up one-day rebate tracking seamlessly, alongside your long-term program lines, for added convenience and flexibility.

Illustration of Single-Day Program Lines

Limit on Trading Partner References Increased!

No more grappling with a 20-character reference name limit. We've expanded trading partner references to a generous 100 characters! Assign unique identifiers to your trading partners, making it easier to spot them, without worrying about exceeding the character limit. If you go beyond, you will be prompted to make changes immediately.

Illustration of the Reference field

Incremental Calculations

Do you work with big volumes of data and import transactions daily? Experience a 50%+ boost in incremental calculations, meaning less time is required in mapping out transactions to program lines. This enhancement leads to a more efficient process, fewer delays, and accurate calculations. Since we’re rolling out enhancements progressively, you may not see these changes right away. Your Customer Success team will inform you once this is available to you.

Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs)

NEW Workflow: SPA Creation

Say hello to a streamlined workflow that puts you in control. Save time creating your agreements with the new functionality that allows you to import SPAs directly from your system to the Enable SPAs platform.

Enhanced Look and Feel

Experience the improved look and feel across various areas of the SPAs platform. From a streamlined listing page to quick views of the SPA sections, we've prioritized making your navigation of the SPAs platform a breeze.

On the listing page, only SPAs are displayed, making it easier to search and filter using multiple combinations of information including SPA Reference, Agreement Name, Dates, Distributor, End-customers, and Contract Status. Additionally, you have the option to create a SPA directly from the listing page.

Illustration of Listing Page

Sections allows you to quickly view and navigate specific sections within a SPA. The following bring enhanced convenience and clarity:

  • Parties: Choose parties directly within the SPA, including a distributor and specific end-customer(s), for added convenience.
  • Details: The "Reference" field in SPA details serves as a unique identifier, ensuring clarity and efficiency in tracking. Use it in the "Agreement ID" column of a transaction file to link a transaction to a specific SPA.
  • Distributor Terms: Formerly known as the "SupportMechanism", "Distributor Terms" now exclusively applies to distributors. The interface is redesigned, requiring only necessary fields based on the support mechanism.
  • End-Customer Terms: The "Pricing Mechanism"is now "End-Customer Terms", emphasizing pricing for end-customers.Choose between end-customer pricing options for greater flexibility.
  • Branches: The branch selection process is improved, with mandatory distributor selection for accurate and efficient SPA configurations.
  • Products: Choose all individual products at once with a single modal, streamlining the product selection process.
  • Rebate Interactions: The selection process for program lines is streamlined, providing detailed information and easy modification for efficient rebate management.
Illustration of Sections

Updated SPA Approval Workflow

We’ve made creating SPAs more intuitive than ever, whether you’re modifying a SPA, approving it, or replicating it. It’s easier than ever before to identify and update mandatory fields in the review and approval process. Plus, the contract status dynamically shifts as fields are modified, offering real-time process visibility. Approved SPAs can undergo modification by generating a new version or period, while "draft" and "ready for approval" SPAs can be easily deleted. Replicating any SPA is less complicated, allowing you to utilize one as a template for others.

Other notable changes include the ability to delete notes and a revamped Documents tab, offering more flexibility and organization in SPA management. Additionally, the new global organization picker has been integrated into the Support and SPA Detail reports, eliminating the need to select an organization each time.

Elevate Your Experience

We’ve made all these changes to improve your experience on Enable’s platform. We believe in not only meeting but exceeding your expectations by supporting you at every step of your rebate journey. Your success is our inspiration, and together we are shaping a brighter tomorrow for rebate management.

We Welcome Feedback!

Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about any of our new features. Have questions? Send us an email or book an appointment with a member of the Customer Success team. As always, you can raise a ticket with any feedback or questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Watch out for more updates and innovations in the coming year that will make Enable even more comprehensive, collaborative, and controlled. Tune back in for our next LIVE release: January 20, 2024!

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