Stop Debating, Start Collaborating

If you’re looking for a faster, seamless way to collaborate with your trading partners on your rebate programs, look no further.

Tap Into the Power of Collaboration

Facilitate Deal Approvals

Create, negotiate, and alert trading partners to sign off on pending deals.

Instant Contract Updates

Communicate contractual changes in real-time with trading partners.

Secure Transaction Uploads

Seamlessly upload transactional data for claims management.

Eliminate Workflow Bottlenecks

Monitor trading program status changes from start to final signature.

Unlock Your Collaboration
Potential With Enable

  • Centralized platform. Reference the same deal terms and clauses with your partners, reducing ambiguity.

  • Real-time engagement. Communicate in real-time with your trading partners and align on common goals.

  • Build efficient workflows. Complete visibility into parties that view your plan with an extensive activity log.

Share Current Progress With Partners & Maximize Earnings

  • Performance tracking. Say goodbye to manual calculations and track performance of your deals in real-time.

  • Timely reports. Make strategic buying/selling decisions by receiving timely insights into margin opportunities and risks.

  • Deal renewals. Stay ahead of expiring deals with our intuitive dashboard and never miss a renewal opportunity.

Platform Capabilities

Discover how we're redefining collaborative rebate management

Agreement Review

Access and review intricate details associated with your trading programs.

Agreement Sign-off

Ability to approve your trading programs using an electronic signature.


Facilitate communication with your trading partners directly using a central hub.

Activity Log

Track all actions associated with your account  and status of individual trading programs.​


Communicate with your trading partners in real-time on agreement changes.

Transaction Imports

Seamlessly upload transaction data in a structured format for managing claim approvals.​​

Partner Dashboard

Share progress towards hitting rebate tiers with your trading partners.​

Help Center

Submit help tickets within portal, automatically alerting Enable's internal support hub.​​

Overcoming the Misalignment Driving Friction Between Supply Chain Partners

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It’s Not Easy to Make 10,000+ Collaborators Happy

But that’s what we strive to do for all our customers and their trading partners with our collaborator and partner dashboard platforms.

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What Our Customers Say

Uncovering Millions of Dollars in Rebate Opportunities

“I believe that Enable will lead us to improve on our current processes in agreements with our suppliers and maximize returns from those partner agreements. Ultimately, we intend to turn the rebate function from being viewed as a cost center to a profit center.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

John Janis, 

Director of Supply Chain Management

Discovering $35k in Overpayments

“Our ability to make well-informed decisions expeditiously was paramount. Unfortunately, our current Excel process did not facilitate that. However, with the collaborator portal, we can consolidate all the data and produce real-time reports.”

headshot of client testimonial Christine Morris from Geberit.

Colleen Kennedy

Marketing Analyst

Drive Collaborative Relationships Today

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