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Reconciling collaborator transactions

Trading partner-fed transactions is a feature in Collaborator which allows your trading partners to submit transactional data to your trading programs channel.

Collaborator users who have been granted permission to upload data are guided through a transaction import wizard in Collaborator. Collaborators will have access to your primary data, which they can use to populate the reference columns in the transactions file. Once a collaborator has uploaded transactions, the data is processed through the normal reconciliation process.

This article will guide you through:

  1. How to access unreconciled collaborator transactions
  2. How to resolve unreconciled collaborator transactions

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How to access unreconciled collaborator transactions

Transaction data uploaded by a collaborator will go through the same reconciliation process as transactions uploaded by your organization.

Channel admin users have access to the reconciliation report, and will receive a notification in Trading Programs when transactional data has been submitted by a collaborator.

To access unreconciled transactions imported by a collaborator:

Step 1: Navigate to Config in the green banner and select Import transactions.

Step 2: Click on the Reconciliation tab. You will automatically be navigated to the Reconciliation report.

Tip: You may need to click on at the end of the visible tabs to display additional tab options.

Step 3: Where the Run type is Addition of lines, review the Run by user column which indicates the user who uploaded the transaction. If transactions have been uploaded by a collaborator, their trading partner organization will be displayed in brackets after the user’s name.

Step 4: Click on a row within the report to display high-level details of the reconciliation report on the right of the page:

  • Trading partner: The name of the trading partner attached to transaction lines.
  • Reconciled transactions: The number of transaction lines which were reconciled and matched to dimension data.
  • Unreconciled transactions: The number of transaction lines which were unreconciled and not matched to dimension data.
  • Duplicate transactions: The number of duplicate transaction lines identified.
Reconciliation: Addition of lines for a collaborator transaction import

Step 5: Click on CSV download and click on Unreconciled turnover lines to download a list of transactions uploaded by your collaborator which did not match dimension references in your dimension data.

The file will follow the format of the transaction template, with additional columns including Unmatched columns indicating the columns for the transaction line which could not be matched to data within your channel, e.g. Product references.

How to resolve unreconciled collaborator transactions

When a collaborator uploads transactions, they will be warned that they are uploading unrecognized references if any are present, however they will not be prevented from uploading the transactions.

Once you have reviewed the Unreconciled turnover lines, decide which of the following options applies:

  • The collaborator has made an error in the transaction file, so needs to re-upload the data with the correct dimension references.
  • The collaborator hasn’t made any errors in the transaction file, but there are missing references in your dimension data.

The collaborator has made an error in the transaction file

If your collaborator needs to re-upload the data:

Step 1: Contact your collaborator to advise that the transactions need to be amended and re-uploaded.

Step 2: Your collaborator can view the transactions with unrecognized references via their Transaction logs.

Step 3: Your collaborator can view your primary data including references via the Partner data tile in the Transactions homepage.

Step 4: Your collaborator can then amend the transaction file to include the correct references, and re-upload the new file using the usual transactions imports process.

Tip: Once unreconciled transactions have been reviewed and actioned, a channel admin user in your channel should also delete the unreconciled transactions to keep your reconciliation clean. See our article on deleting transactions for more details.

The collaborator hasn’t made any errors in the transaction file

If there are missing references in your dimension data:

Step 1a: If your channel uses automated imports for dimension data, amend the references in your source system. The references will then update into Enable once your next automated import is processed.

Step 1b: If your channel does not use automated imports for dimension data, a channel admin user should update the dimension references within Enable. Learn how to manually update dimension items here.

Step 2: The reconciliation process will automatically re-generate, and unreconciled transactions will reconcile once the correct references can be matched to the data.

Note: Unreconciled transactions will not generate earnings for trading programs or support for special pricing agreements until reconciled..

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