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Deleting collaborator transactions

Trading partner-fed transactions is a feature in Collaborator which allows your trading partners to submit transactional data to your trading programs channel.

If transactions imported by a collaborator were reconciled but are not required, these can be deleted by a channel admin user within your channel.

This article will guide you through how to delete collaborator transactions.

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How to delete collaborator transactions

Channel admin users have access to the Config area and delete transactions page.

To delete transactions imported by a collaborator:

Step 1: Navigate to Config in the green banner and select Import transactions.

Step 2: Click on the Delete reconciled transactions tab.

Tip: You may need to click on at the end of the visible tabs to display additional tab options.

Delete reconciled transactions tab

Step 3: Select the Trading partner whose transactions you wish to delete.

Step 4: Select a Transaction date range and Currency.

Step 5: Set the checkbox for Consider manually imported transactions only?.

Step 6: Select Dimension filters, click Add then select Turnover types from the dimension drop-down menu. Then select an Item to determine the specific turnover type associated with collaborator imports. To set the dimension filter, click Done/Save/Add.

Step 7: Review your filters to ensure your selection is correct, then click the Delete button. The number of transaction lines that match your filter criteria and will therefore be permanently deleted will be displayed.

Step 8: Click OK, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Confirm deletion box.

Step 9: Click the Delete button.

Your deletion will then be queued for processing, and you will receive a notification once the transactions have been successfully deleted.

Any program lines that were linked to the transaction lines will have their earnings recalculated following the deletion.

Deleting reconciled transactions

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