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How is Collaborator related to Trading Programs?

Collaborator adds another step to your Trading Programs approval workflow process. This additional step allows your trading partners to be able to communicate with you and sign-off trading programs more efficiently. The trading partner step of workflow can be configured in two different ways; it can either be the final or penultimate step of your workflow. Once your proposal reaches the trading partner step, it will become an active trading program. This means that your trading partner is notified to log in to Collaborator, review and approve the trading program.


The trading partner acts as another step in your approval workflow (as above), but it is important to note that your trading partners do not have access to the Trading Programs system and can only see the trading program PDF, in Collaborator.

If you think that some of your trading partners may not wish to use Collaborator, please note that the Trading Programs user who started the workflow is able to sign off on behalf of the trading partner, with supporting evidence. As a last resort, if required, it is possible to have all of your trading partners not involved in the workflow, however they will not be able to approve any trading programs, only view them.

If you have any questions about Collaborator, please raise a ticket on our Support Hub.

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