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Viewing transaction logs

Transaction logs are where details of past imports by your organization are stored in Collaborator.

The Transaction logs area can be accessed from the bottom of the Transactions homepage.

Accessing transaction logs via Collaborator

Transaction imports are displayed in order of the most recent imports to the oldest. You can view previous logs on the collaborator page by using the arrows in the top right to navigate through additional pages.

The transaction logs table will display the following details:

  • Status icon: Hover over the icon displayed to see the status of the transaction import, e.g. complete, failed, or rejected by your trading partner.
  • Partner: The name of your organization, for whom transactions were imported.
  • Import date: The date the transaction file was imported.
  • Imported by: The name of the user in your organization who imported the transactions.
  • New or replacement: Displays New if transactions had not previously been imported for the given date/date range, or Replacement if transactions in this import replaced previous transactions.
  • Value: The total monetary value of the transactions contained in the imported file.
  • Currency: The currency of the transactions contained in the imported file.
  • Transactions: The total number of transaction lines contained in the imported file.
  • Date range: The date or range of dates specified in the transaction dates in the imported file.
  • Import file: Click on the icon to download the original transaction file imported.
  • Reject notes: If the import file has been rejected by your trading partner, click on the icon to view the date of rejection alongside any reject notes they have added.
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