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Sharing insights with Partner Dashboard


With access to Partner Dashboard, you can share the insights obtained from Progress Tracker with your Collaborators whether you are use Enable for customer rebates, supplier rebates or managing your buying group. This article will explore utilising this functionality to enhance your existing trading relationships. Please note it is assumed you are familiar with the features of using Progress Tracker to identify opportunities because Partner Dashboard takes this insight and places it in the hands of your trading partners.

Why use Partner Dashboard

Customers using Enable often receive requests from their Collaborators to provide reports, insights and attainment. Traditionally this can be a slow or infrequent process for both the users receiving these requests and the Collaborator. With Partner Dashboard, you can share a link to your progress tracker with your collaborator, and they will get a filtered view just to their data!

While each use case is different, and more specific situations are detailed below, some advantages of Partner Dashboard are universal. Utilizing the dashboard can provide you and your trading partners with insights needed to make strategic buying and selling decisions. With this:

  • Engage more with your trading partners, align your goals with less effort improving relationships
  • Reference on the same data set, ensuring the decisions you make together remain aligned
  • Embrace transparency so you can remain agile and flexible to changing demands and market forces
  • Earn more, and collaborate to strategically place spending where it maximises the benefits for buyers and sellers.

Partner Dashboard also includes Enable’s intelligent forecasting, which allows partners to see months in advance. Whether they want to course-correct to reach higher rebate tiers or identify spending which can be used more strategically elsewhere.

Partner Dashboard for Supplier rebates

Currently, channel users have difficulty passing information to their suppliers periodically. Suppliers may need more understanding of your progress towards earnings targets without dedicating substantial resources to administration and reporting. This knowledge can help them ensure you are both aligned with your attainment, and they can potentially discuss mutually beneficial transactions that let them hit their goals while ensuring you are keeping your costs low.

Partner Dashboard seeks to provide real-time transparency to suppliers, helping them to react to market or supply-chain conditions while staying fully informed on the impact these conditions will have on you. The dashboard also exposes programs that may be underperforming; you can use this to work with your suppliers and adjust programs or your purchasing to maximum effect.

Partner Dashboard for Customer rebates

Those operating a customer rebate scenario can monitor sales performance towards their targets. Your customers, though, are keen to see rebate details in real-time, requiring them to rely on their own records and practices to create best guesses at their progress. This results in an overload of reports all at once requesting performance updates. This lack of visibility can mean that customers may generate expectations externally from your data sets. This can risk disagreements around attainment and minimizes your influence on their purchasing decisions.

Fortunately, these problems can be resolved with Partner Dashboard. The dashboard increases partners’ opportunities to secure additional rebate, giving them an advantage in strategizing their spending and reducing the risk of narrowly missing tiers. This allows you to sell more and ensures both parties are aligned on opportunities allowing you to enter conversations confident the customer is already aware of their current progress.

Partner Dashboard for Buying Group rebates

Rebates are essential to buying group membership, and reducing administrative overhead by directly delivering information in real-time will unlock greater advantages for you and your members. Unlike other use cases, your member's goals align with yours. However, keeping members informed of their individual contributions towards targets and the performance of the group as a whole is challenging. Usually, ad-hoc or continuous reports would need to be sent to all members.

With Partner Dashboard, members will have the latest information to make informed purchasing decisions. Securing this visibility allows members to maximise earnings for themselves while contributing to group targets. This then allows you to have more strategic conversations with the members and the influence they can have.

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