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Deleting unreconciled and reconciled transactions

Deleting Unreconciled Transactions

Unreconciled transactions are transactions that have been imported into Trading Programs but has not yet been linked to a trading partner and / or a dimension item. These transactions are contained within the transaction store until they are allocated to trading partners or dimension items.

As an admin user, it is possible to delete unreconciled transactions from the transaction store by simply clicking on the Transactions drop-down option within the Config menu, and then clicking on the Delete unreconciled transactions tab near the top of the page.

Transactions are considered by Trading Programs to be either unreconciled or unmatched. Unreconciled transactions are transactions data that have been matched to a trading partner, but not to dimension items. Whereas unmatched are those where trading programs do not match the trading partner in the transaction to a trading partner in Enable.

Selecting a trading partner from the list shown on the current page and clicking the Delete button will remove all matching transactions for the selected trading partner from the transaction store.


Alternatively, if you wish to remove all unmatched transactions where the imported trading partner reference cannot be matched to a trading partner, simply click on the Delete unmatched button (see screenshot below).


Once you have elected to delete transactions, Trading Programs will present you with the number of transaction lines that will be permanently deleted (as shown below).


You will notice that you will be given the option to select Consider manual transactions only. By selecting Consider manual transactions only, you are confirming that only transactions imported manually into Trading Programs or imported by a trading partner into collaborator (if this option is enabled) will be considered for deletion, therefore excluding any transactions imported using additional bespoke processes.

To confirm the deletion, simply select the Confirm deletion button and press Confirm delete.

The Delete all button allows you to delete all unreconciled and unmatched transaction lines at once. The deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

Deleting Reconciled Transactions

Transactions are imported into Trading Programs as a collection of transaction lines. Each transaction line corresponds to a specific trading partner, a specific transaction date, and a set of dimension items.

Every transaction line must be linked to a trading partner and a dimension item for every dimension that has been configured, in order for it to be linked to program lines and contribute to earnings data within Trading Programs.

As an admin user, it is possible to delete transactions permanently by clicking on Config at the top of the page and then on Transactions in the drop-down menu. Simply click on the Delete reconciled tab near the top of the page (as shown in the screenshot below) in order to start the deletion process.


You will be presented with a number of filter criteria in order to determine what transactions data should be deleted (there are no required filters). A full list of filters can be seen below:

  • Trading partner · A selection of trading partners where transactions data will only be deleted if it was acquired by the selected trading partner(s).
  • Transaction date · A date selector where transactions data will only be deleted if it was acquired within the specified range.
  • Interface date · This is a date that can be included with a transaction line when it is added providing the option of an additional and optional label on a transaction line. It is good practice to populate this field with the upload date of the file. To learn more about interface date, click here
  • Currency · A selection of available currency.
  • Dimension filters · A selection of dimension items and dimension attributes where transactions will only be deleted if it is associated with the selected values.
  • Consider manual transactions only? · A yes or no selector where manual transactions is transactions data that has been imported into the system through the Trading Programs user interface.

Please note — you may also delete trading partner fed transactions by selecting this in the dimension filters.

Once a selection of filters has been made, click the Delete button and Trading Programs will present you with the number of transaction lines that match your filter criteria and will therefore be permanently deleted. You will be prompted to enter your password to confirm the deletion (see screenshot below).


Please note — any program lines that were linked with the transaction lines will have their earnings recalculated following the deletion.

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