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Configuring trading partner-fed transactions

Trading partner-fed transactions is a feature in Collaborator which allows your trading partners to submit transactional data to your trading programs channel.

Collaborator users who have been granted permission to upload data are guided through a transaction import wizard in Collaborator. Collaborators will have access to your primary data, which they can use to populate the reference columns in the transactions file. Once a collaborator has uploaded transactions, the data is processed through the normal reconciliation process.

You can require approval from a channel user before trading partner-fed transactions apply to your rebate calculations, giving a greater level of control over the transactions in your Enable channel.

This article will guide you through:

  1. How to allow collaborators to import transactions
  2. How to set when transaction approval is required

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How to allow collaborators to import transactions

If you would like this feature enabled, please reach out to our support team to request that trading partner-fed transactions are switched on.

Once enabled, a permissions box will be available on a per-user basis in the Collaborators area within a trading partner. Collaborators with the Can submit transactional data checkbox set will have access to a Transactions area. Learn more about inviting a collaborator here.

Tip: Use the channel collaborator report to view which collaborators have been given access to submit transaction data.

How to set when transaction approval is required

Channel admin users have access to determine which collaborator transactions require approval for trading partner-fed transactions.

To require transaction approval for collaborators in bulk:

Step 1: Click on Config in the green banner at the top of the page

Step 2: Click on Structure in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click on the Trading partners tab. Note: This may be named differently (e.g. Customers), but will always represent your trading partners.

Trading partners within the Config Structure area

Step 4: Click the Download template button and set the checkbox for Populated with existing. Then click Download.

Step 5: In the template, under the Approval for trading partner-fed transactions column, enter one of the following options for each trading partner row:

  • Not required
  • Updates only
  • All submissions

Step 6: Once you have entered the required approval levels in the template, click Browse to select your completed template and the Upload button.

Channel admin users can also select the Approval for trading partner-fed transactions on an individual trading partner basis within the Config area.

Config: Updating approval for an individual trading partner

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Ready to understand how to review transactions imported by a collaborator? Learn how to approve collaborator transactions here.

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