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Channel admin users

Channel admin users are users who have added permissions for managing users, data, and other administration capabilities within the Enable channel. These are users that have the Channel admin box checked on their user account.

User access settings: Channel admin

Channel admin users have access to the Config tab. This can allow them to carry out additional actions, such as:

  • Adding or removing users and collaborators.
  • Managing user access settings.
  • Creating or editing pricing lists.
  • Creating, editing, or deleting the channel dimensions items and trading partners.
  • Adding or removing dimension items.
  • Managing hierarchies and user mappings.
  • Creating and managing workflow roles.
  • Importing transactions manually.
  • Reviewing, approving, and rejecting Collaborator transaction imports.
  • Managing transaction reconciliation.
  • Deleting unreconciled and reconciled transactions.
  • Importing phasing values for forecasting.
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