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Inviting collaborators

Collaborator is an online portal that facilitates smoother working relationships by allowing you to easily and securely share your trading programs with your trading partners for sign off, as well as for your trading partners to submit transactional data.

For your trading partners to be able to use the Collaborator app, they will first need to be invited by you to collaborate with them.

This article will guide you through:

  1. How to navigate to collaborators for a trading partner
  2. How to invite a trading partner to collaborate
  3. Bulk inviting collaborators
  4. Reviewing a collaborator’s invite status
  5. Resending collaborator invites

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To view or set up collaborators for a trading partner:

Step 1: Navigate to Trading programs in the green banner and select Trading partners. Note: This may be named differently (e.g. Customers), but will always represent your trading partners.

Step 2: Use the search to locate the relevant trading partner, then click on the trading partner you wish to add a collaborator for.

Step 3: Click on the Collaborators tab.

Navigating to the Collaborators tab

How to invite a trading partner to collaborate

To invite collaborators via the trading partner Collaborators tab, click the + Invite collaborator button. The collaborator settings will automatically appear on the right hand side for you to enter using the guidance below.

Invite collaborator and enter details

Enter details

Access settings

  • Can view trading programs: Set the checkbox to provide access for the collaborator to view trading programs.
  • Can sign off trading programs: Displays when Can view trading programs is selected. Set the checkbox to allow your collaborator to sign off programs using the automatic approval workflow.
  • Can submit transactional data: Set the checkbox if you wish to give your collaborator access to import their own transactions.
  • Can submit purchases or sales: Displays when the Can submit transactional data checkbox is set. Click the hamburger icon to select Sales and/or Purchases and click OK to determine the type of transactions your collaborator is allowed to submit.
  • Can submit advised earnings: Displays when the Can submit transactional data checkbox is set. Set the checkbox to allow your collaborator to specify the earnings they think should be calculated within an additional column in the transaction file. Please note that this is not used for calculating rebate earnings, but can be used by your team as a validation step to ensure alignment.
  • Can view estimated earnings of transactional data: Displays when the Can submit transactional data checkbox is set, if estimated earnings is switched on by Enable for your channel. Select the checkbox for your collaborator to view estimated earnings in the transactions log, allowing them to form timely accrual plans.
  • Can view partner dashboard: Displays if partner dashboard is switched on by Enable for your channel. Set the checkbox to provide access to partner dashboard, for your collaborator to view and analyze progress of tiered program lines.
  • Included program line types: Displays when the Can view partner dashboard checkbox is set. Select program line types to limit the data visible to the collaborator in partner dashboard. Want to configure included program line types at channel level for all collaborators? Reach out to our support team here and let us know how you’d like this to be set.


  • Language: Select from the languages currently supported by Enable. Interested in inviting collaborators who use a different language? Please let us know by raising feedback with our product team here.
  • Number display format: Select an option to determine how numbers are displayed in Enable for the collaborator, including in CSV files (e.g. transaction files).

Save and invite

Click the Save and invite button to automatically send out an invite email to the collaborator.

The collaborator(s) will then add in their name and any other details when creating their Enable account via the invite email, and will be able to access the trading programs shared with them.

Bulk inviting collaborators

We understand it can be a lot of work inviting large quantities of collaborators, especially when you are first adopting Enable. If you would like to add collaborators in bulk, please raise a ticket with our support team for us to assist.

Reviewing a collaborator’s invite status

After a collaborator has been created, the Invite status column in the Collaborators tab for a trading partner will display the stage the collaborator invite is at, and whether the invite has been accepted.

The status of all collaborators is displayed for channel admin users within the Config menu under Users in the Collaborators tab.

The invite status for each collaborator displays one of the 4 statuses as a colour:

  • Empty: No invite has been sent.
  • Amber: Collaborator has been invited but hasn’t yet accepted.
  • Green: Collaborator has been invited and has accepted.
  • Red: Collaborator has declined the invite.

Resending collaborator invites

If an additional invite email is needed by a collaborator at any stage, or if you would like to send another invite as a reminder, select the relevant collaborator in within the trading partner and click the Resend invite button.

Alternatively, a channel admin user can resend all invites within the Config menu under Users in the Collaborators tab.

What’s next?

Looking to review the workflow status of your trading programs? Learn how to use the workflow report here.

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