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Invite your collaborators

Enable’s Collaboration platform looks to facilitate smoother working relationships with your trading partners. This is achieved through the approval of trading agreements and the submission of transactional data securely and seamlessly via our Collaborator app. For your trading partners to be able to use the Collaborator app, they will first need to be invited by you to collaborate with them.

Inviting collaborators

To set up a collaborator for a trading partner, select your partner and click on the ‘Collaborators’ tab.

You can create a new collaborator by selecting the ‘+ Invite collaborator’ button. This action will bring up the side panel where you can enter the details of the collaborator. You can add multiple collaborators using spaces, commas or semi-colons to create a list, for example,,,

You can add multiple collaborators with the same permissions and details once created; you can update individuals. The collaborator(s) will then add in their name and any other details when creating an Enable account.

You can allow collaborators to view trading programs. If a collaborator can view trading programs, you can permit them to sign off trading programs.

If you have the transactions feature turned on in your tenant, you can allow collaborators to submit transactional data.

Clicking 'Save and invite' will automatically send out the invite email to the collaborator. If they have lost the original email, another can be sent using the 'Send invite' button.

Inviting collaborators in bulk

We understand it can be a lot of work inviting large quantities of collaborators, especially when you are first adopting Enable.  Please raise a ticket on our support team; they can provide assistance.

Invite Status

After a collaborator has been created, you will be able to view the invite status. The invite status tells you what stage the collaborator invite is at and whether it has been accepted. There are 4 statuses:

  • empty - no invite has been sent;
  • amber - collaborator has been invited but not accepted;
  • green - collaborator has been invited and accepted.
  • red - collaborator has declined the invite.

If you have any questions about Collaborator, please raise a ticket on our Support Hub.

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