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Daily authorization extract

A daily authorized balances extract is now available, controlled by a channel-level setting. For this feature to be enabled for a channel, Automated Imports must also be enabled. This is because the ZIP file password configured for file importing is now also used for the encryption of the authorized balances extract file. The extract is configured to run daily at 02.05am (UTC) when system activity is low.

When the extract runs for a channel, the file will be placed in an “Exports” directory within the channel’s secured SFTP location and will be named "AuthorizedBalances_{DDMMYYYYHHMMSS}.zip".

While the ZIP file is being generated, an accompanying “.temp” file is present which is replaced with a “.ok” file when the file is finished and ready to be picked up from an outside source. The password needed to decrypt the ZIP file will be the one configured in platform administration for automated imports. A tool such as WinRAR or 7Zip can be used to unzip it, and it will contain a CSV file with the authorized balances data within.

The CSV will list all balances that have been authorized in the prior 24 hours, regardless of whether they were authorized by workflow or not. Header information and a footer containing a row count is also included in the file. Even if there are no rows of data to output, the file will be generated with a stated row count of zero.

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