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Generate a payment allocation report

Trading Program’s Finance App functionality allows users to record and track payments received from trading partners against Trading Program-calculated program line earnings.

By clicking on Finance at the top of the page and then on Payment allocation in the drop-down menu, you will be able to search for an overview of earnings, payments, adjustments and resulting balance per payment line.

In the panel on the right-hand side of your page, you can filter the search results using the following criteria:

  • Supplier · Choose one, or more, trading partners from the ‘My suppliers’ list (including trading partners for which you are the lead cash collector) or ‘All suppliers’ list (including all trading partners for which you have read access).
  • Trading program types · Choose from a list of configured trading program types.
  • Trading program start date, ‘From’ and ‘To’ · Enter a ‘From’ date to filter by trading program start date. Enter a ‘To’ date to filter by trading program end date.
  • Program month · Choose a month to filter payment lines by program month.
  • Payment frequency · Choose a payment frequency to filter payment lines by payment frequency.
  • Manually maintained earnings only · A Yes / No drop-down selection menu to restrict search results to program lines which use manually maintained earnings plugins.
  • Show fully signed only · A Yes / No drop-down selection menu to restrict search results to trading programs which are fully signed.

Once a search has been completed for one or many trading partners, the payment allocation report will be displayed (see example below). This report will provide full visibility of each program line’s earnings, allocated payments and adjustments. You are also able to ‘drill down’ and view these details at the payment line level.


Please note — your search criteria will be persisted for the duration of your session. Please click the Reset button to clear the criteria.

If you have filtered by multiple trading partners, you will be able to click on the Download button to generate a csv file of the on-screen search results.

Alternatively, click on a program line in the listing to trigger a panel to appear from the right of the page. This panel will display the payment lines associated to the selected program line (as shown in the screenshot below).


Please note — A payment line is only visible in the payment allocation report once it has ended and a payment is therefore due. This is why not all of your payment lines may appear in the payment allocation report whilst you are mid way through a program line. For example, if you have a program line with payment frequency of end of program line, then you will not be able to see this payment line in the payment allocation report until the program line has past its end date.

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