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Allocate a payment

When you record a payment, you have the option to allocate it to payment lines straight away or you can leave it as unallocated.

When you allocate a payment, either immediately after recording it or when returning to an unallocated payment, you allocate the amount that has been paid to specific program lines and payment lines.

To do this, click on the Allocate button on the payment allocation page, where you will be prompted to select the payment lines to which the payment should be allocated to from the list displayed (as shown in the screenshot below).

Please note — you will only be able to select payment lines associated to fully signed trading programs.


You will be able to select payment lines by either:

  • Clicking the Select all link found in the center of the footer bar.
  • Clicking the check box of a program line to select all payment lines for that program line.
  • Clicking a program line to trigger a panel to appear from the right-hand side of the page and then selecting payment line rows displayed individually.

After you have completed your payment line selection, click Continue to view the full list of selected payment lines.

The system will automatically apportion the value received (excluding VAT) amongst the selected payment lines. You have the option to manually override the automatically apportioned value for each payment line by clicking on an Allocated value (as shown in the screenshot below).


Once you are happy with the allocated values, click Confirm in the bottom right-hand corner of the page to finalize this action.

Please note — The sum of the apportioned allocated values must equal the value received (excluding VAT) of the payment.

After confirmation, the value allocated to a payment line will appear in the ‘Paid’ column for the payment line and will be subtracted from the earnings to get the remaining balance due.

Partial allocations

Enable does not require you to allocate the full amount of a payment at once. Sometimes, extenuating circumstances require youto make partial payment allocations. In these cases, Enable applies the following logic:

  • When a portion of a payment is made against a single payment line, the entire portion will be allocated to that payment line.
  • When a payment is made against multiple payment lines, that payment will be apportioned to each line in the appropriate proportions. Example: A payment of $10,000 against each month of Q1 2022, which earned $70,000, $20,000, and $10,000, respectively, will be allocated as $7,000, $2,000, and $1,000.

As with unallocated payments, partial payments will require a reason as to why they are not fully allocated.

Allocating to an interim trading program

If you allocate cash to an interim trading program which is then replaced by an active trading program, the cash will allocate to each replaced program line. This only occurs if the program lines inside the new trading program and interim trading program are equivalent. If the program lines are not identical, the cash will be held as unallocated against the trading partner once removed from the interim trading program.

For Enable to reallocate the cash to a new program line, the interim program line and the new program line must be equivalent. Two program lines are equivalent if:

  • They have the same Program line Reference.
  • They have the same Start Date.
  • They have the same End Date.
  • They have the same Payment Frequency.
  • Their parent trading programs use the same Currency.

Therefore, if any one of the above conditions is not met, Enable will store the cash as unallocated when the interim trading program is replaced.

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