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Generate a payment history report

The payment history facility, available by clicking on Finance at the top of the page and then on Payment history in the drop-down menu, allows you to browse and filter a log of payments, allocations and adjustments for one or more trading partners.

You will be able to filter the search results using the following criteria:

  • Supplier · Choose one, or more, trading partners from the ‘My suppliers’ list (including trading partners for which you are the lead cash collector) or ‘All suppliers’ list (including all trading partners for which you have read access).
  • Cash collectors · Choose collectors from a list of lead cash collectors.
  • Date entered, ‘From’ and ‘To’ · Enter a ‘From’ and ‘To’ date to filter by date entered.
  • Allocation status · A drop-down menu to filter by allocation status, i.e. ‘Any’, ‘Allocated’ or ‘Unallocated’.
  • Type · A drop-down menu to filter payment by type, i.e. ‘Any’, ‘Receipt’ or ‘Adjustment’.

Please note — your search criteria will be persisted for the duration of your session.

The initial search result will display a list of historical payments and adjustments which meet your search criteria.

You will notice that a Download button is made available in order to generate a CSV file of the on-screen search results. You will also be able to click on an allocated payment row in the listing, which will display the payment lines to which the payment has been allocated (see screenshot below).

Please note — it is not possible to select an unallocated payment row.

When viewing payment lines allocated to a payment, you will also have the following options available to you:

  • Reverse allocations · Clicking on this button will create a reversal allocation for each payment line. If the payment being reversed is a receipt, Trading Programs will then mark the receipt as unallocated.
  • Notes & attachments · Clicking on this tab will allow you to modify the attachments and / or notes associated to the payment record.
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