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Record an adjustment

The payment allocation section in the Finance App allows you to apply an adjustment to a payment line’s rebate earnings in the case of agreed underpayments or overpayments.

There are two types of adjustments available:

  • Applying a ‘balancing’ adjustment across selected payment lines, which will adjust the balance due of each payment line to zero.
  • Recording a specific adjustment value against each of the selected payment lines, which may or may not adjust the balance due of each payment line to zero.

To record an adjustment, select a single trading partner in your search criteria on the payment allocation page and then click on the Record adjustment button. This will prompt you to select the payment lines to which the adjustment should be allocated from the list displayed (as shown in the screenshot below).


You will then be able to select payment lines by either:

  • Clicking the Select all link found in the center of the footer bar.
  • Clicking the check box of a program line to select all payment lines for that program line.
  • Clicking on a program line to trigger a panel to open from the right-hand side of the page, and then selecting the payment line rows displayed individually.

After you have completed your payment line selection, click Continue to view the full list of selected payment lines.

Trading Programs will automatically default the adjustment value for each payment line to the balance due.

Please note — you will be able to amend the adjustment value for each payment line but you will not be able to enter an adjustment value that exceeds the balance due of the payment line.

After confirmation, the adjustment allocated to a payment line will appear in the ‘Adjustment’ column for the payment line and will be subtracted from the earnings to get the remaining balance due.


Once you are happy with the adjustments you have made, click Continue and enter information about the adjustment in the panel that appears on your screen (as shown below).


The ‘Allocate’ button will become available once you have entered some text into the ‘Notes’ section and an ‘External Reference’. Click Allocate and then Confirm to finalise this action.


It is also possible to perform adjustments in bulk. This could be particularly useful for situations where you would like to write off a few leftover cents or pennies. First, you need to download the payment allocation report for your chosen trading partners. Then adjust the "Payment Line Balance Due" values to the amount that you would like to deduct from the outstanding value of that payment line. Once you have saved the document, simply upload it to the 'Uploads' tab. Trading Programs will then deduct the 'Payment Line Balance Due" values from that CSV from the amount due.


There are a few things to note when uploading your file to make bulk adjustments to ensure you do not get an error message:

  • The only accepted upload file structure is the Payment Allocation CSV file that is produced by the system.
  • The file will only accept payment lines that require an adjustment to be made i.e. if you are making an adjustment of £0 this will be rejected and will produce an error. For payment lines that do not need to be adjusted, please delete the row out before uploading the file.
  • Only changes to the 'PaymentLineBalanceDue' column will have any effect in the system, changes to any of the other columns will be ignored.
  • The payment lines are recognized by the 'ProgramLineID' and 'Payment Line Due Date' columns. If these columns are changed and the system cannot recognize which payment line the adjustment should be made on, the file will be rejected.
  • The system will only accept uploaded ‘Payment Line Balance Due’ values of the same sign as the stored ‘Payment Line Balance Due’ values.
  • The upload of negative values will only be accepted if the original value itself was negative.
  • In this case, deducting a negative will bring the total debt closer to zero and this will be accepted by the system.
  • The system will not allow for increases in the amount of debt owed/paid.
  • If you are attempting to upload a negative value, corresponding to a value that is positive in the downloaded report (in the hopes that deducting a negative will increase the total debt) then the file will be rejected.
  • The file will also be rejected if the opposite case is true and you are attempting to upload a positive value corresponding to a value that is negative.
  • If you want to increase a trading partner or trading programs debt, you must do so with individual and manual payment adjustments for specific payment lines and cannot do this in bulk.
  • The system will allow for the value to be brought closer to zero or to zero only, even if the signs are the same.
  • The system will not allow for the creation of negative balances due if the original generated ‘Payment Line Balance Due’ was positive. If this occurs, then the file will be rejected.
  • The system will not allow for the creation of positive balances due if the original generated ‘Payment Line Balance Due’ was negative. If this occurs, then the file will be rejected.
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